5 Products That Must Be In Every Baby Bag!

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A baby bag is every mother’s arsenal! It contains all the things she’ll ever need in case of an on-the-go baby emergency. From extra pacifiers to a change of clothes – there’s a lot that’s crammed into that usually pale blue or pink bag!

In fact, a properly stocked diaper bag is capable of nothing short than saving the day. However, for that to happen, you have to ensure that the diaper bag you tote around for at least 2 to 3 years of your life is packed smartly. It should contain all the essentials, particularly baby care products that can serve as lifesavers when you need them.

Here’s a list of 5 products that are baby bag must-haves!

1. Diapers, diapers and more diapers

Is there any baby bag on this planet that can ever be considered complete without diapers? Not carrying extra ones would be like baby bag blasphemy! In all seriousness though, diapers are the basic item that your baby bag should have. Just bear in mind to carry the right diapers, which means the kind that is super absorbent and yet gentle on your little one’s skin.

If you still haven’t zeroed in on a favorite diaper yet, we’d suggest you give Himalaya’s Total Baby Care Pants a shot. They’re snug, absorbent, leak-proof and anti-bacterial. Just what you need for those long trips and visits.

2. Baby cream

With all the elements your baby’s skin is exposed to when outside, you really can’t take any risks. After all, your baby’s soft skin is one of the many gifts your toddler has given you by being born! Hence, your baby bag should contain a baby cream that adds a strong layer of protection and keeps your baby’s skin safe from the harsh outside environment. Himalaya has a great Baby Cream in our opinion. It has been specifically made to protect and soothe your baby’s skin while maintaining its softness.

3. Baby wipes

Babies are messy. Period. And even though the mess they create with their drool or the food they eat is what makes them super adorable, promptly cleaning that mess is extremely important. Why? Because babies are delicate and residues on their skin can irritate them and lead to flare-ups pretty quickly. While you can use towels to clean your baby up, they are not really hygienic once they’ve been used multiple times. Baby wipes are a better option and total baby bag essential! Yet again, Himalaya makes excellent baby wipes that have aloe vera infused in them for that extra gentleness and hygiene.

4. Baby lotion

Just like baby cream, a baby lotion is another baby bag must-have! Sometimes, creams are not enough to protect your baby’s skin on the move. Especially during harsher temperatures. At such times, a lotion can help keep your baby’s skin safe and moisturized. You should try and pick lotions that have been formulated with natural ingredients though and are gentle on your baby’s skin. Like Himalaya’s Baby Lotion that is made of olive oil and almond oil. What’s great about this lotion is that it also protects against infections, which means more protection for your baby.

5. Baby powder

When diapers find a place of prime importance in the baby bag, can powders be far behind? No diaper change on this planet is complete without a generous dose of baby powder! Baby powders soothe diaper-irritated skin and help in keeping it fresh as a daisy. In our opinion, you should give Himalaya’s Baby Powder a try as it’s completely chemical-free and helps in sweat and odor control!

So there you have it! If these 5 products are not in your baby bag, you should put them in immediately before stepping out. Because a well-prepared mom is a smart mom!

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