My Search For A Perfect Diaper Finally Ended!

Ask any parent about their apprehensions during their initial parenting days and they will mention diapering in the list. New parents are forever doubtful about which diapers to use for the baby as issues like leakages, disturbed sleep, and skin rashes are associated with diapering.

Child rearing is indeed tough but there are solutions. For diapering, there is Pampers.

I have always trusted Pampers for my daughter. I started using diapers for her since she was 1 month old. And, I have had no problems ever. The times she woke up during the night was always for her feed and never because she felt wet.

Following the tradition and the company ethics, Pampers has just recently launched the New Pampers Premium Care Pants. It is said to be the softest Pampers ever. While the current range of diapers by Pampers is also much better in terms of quality, overall protection, and comfort as compared to other brands, parents still want the best for their baby. So, the new improved Pampers did grab my interest.

Here is my review of the product highlighting the key features of the new diapers.

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The New Pampers Care Pants are extremely soft on the inside as well as the belt and the leg cuff area. It is as soft as cotton which gives super comfort to the baby. Though I have been using Pampers for my daughter since she was 1 month old, and she was always comfortable in the diaper, I would compare it with the softness of the cloth diaper. This concern never left me until now. The New Pampers Care Pants feels like cotton when you touch. I am sure my baby is super comfortable wearing the new diaper.


These diapers have three-way unique air channels which allow fresh air to pass between the baby’s skin and the diaper, easily allowing the skin to breathe. As these channels also facilitate movement of humid air out of the diaper, the question of skin rashes never arises if the baby wears the New Pampers Premium Pants.


The three-way air channels also facilitate the pee to be equally distributed across the diaper and not lump together at one place. This makes the baby’s movement very easy. It also gives complete dryness throughout the night, helping the child to have undisturbed sleep. And, since the baby is comfortably sleeping and doesn’t cry to indicate that the diaper is full, the product has a wetness indicator which turns blue once it’s full.

Baby Lotion

This is one super addition to the feature of the new Pampers Premium Care Pants. These diapers have aloe vera lotion. Now, there is no question of irritability to the skin. That has been addressed once and for all. Bye bye skin rash!


Plastic has been banned in Mumbai and now we can’t just wrap the diaper in a plastic bag to dispose it. There is a concern of the poop coming out of the diaper while wrapping it up in a paper. So, what do we do? There is nothing to worry. The New Pampers Premium Care Pants has a disposal tape. It firmly holds the diaper and you can easily dispose it off without being concerned about the smell when disposed in a dustbin.


For the comfort, protection, and the ease of use that the product provides, according to me, it is well priced.

I would highly recommend trying the New Pampers Premium Care Pants!!

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