Is It Safe To Get Your Nails Done During Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy is a time in a woman’s life when there are an awful lot of changes. Your body changes shape, your hormones go berserk, and you become physically weak. Having a baby does not come easy. There are a lot of factors that come into play that affect your health. But for nine months and a considerable time after that, you have to put your baby’s health first. Your unborn baby’s nutrition, health, and growth depend on how much you take care of your body through your habits and lifestyle.

Women have to stay away from alcohol, cigarettes, excessive junk food, and sugary treats during pregnancy. It’s a lot of changes to accomodate, and when a woman gets pregnant, she knows what she is in for. But sometimes, despite the famous pregnancy glow and beautiful skin and hair that comes with being pregnant, women tend to feel unattractive during this time. Their bodies get bigger, their feet get swollen, and they feel like they do not have control over their bladder. All these factors and more make them feel not-so-beautiful, which is quite common.

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Therefore, pregnant women pampering themselves to give their appearance a boost is not unheard of. Is it necessary? Maybe not. But it helps women feel attractive and good about themselves. A pregnant woman who feels good about herself is a happy woman, and happiness is healthy. While beauty treatments like a hot oil head massage, organic face clean up, and waxing/threading seem relatively harmless, what effect do treatments like manicure and pedicure have on pregnancy?

Women have wondered about the dos and don’ts of pregnancy since forever. They have several questions about it, and one such query is if it is safe to get their nails done during pregnancy. We are here to clear out the confusion. While it is always best to stay away from unnecessary chemicals during pregnancy, when it’s a bit of self-care, the answer is always yes.

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Everything is good when it’s done in moderation. The little fumes released while painting your nails are not ideal, but it’s not too harmful if you take the necessary precautions. So here are a few safety measures that you can follow while getting your nails done during pregnancy:

  • Choose A Safe Salon

Ensure that you are confident about your salon’s safety and hygiene. If possible, try to skip the salon and get the service in the comfort of your own home. You will have more control over what you are exposed to when you do not step outside.

  • Pick A Less Harmful Polish

All nail polishes are made with harmful chemicals, but there are some less harmful chemicals than others. Choose the ones that do not pose a threat to you or your unborn baby. Most pregnant women avoid using acrylic, gel, and shellac polish that require UV light.

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  • Skip The Foot Massage

While no one wants to say no to a foot massage during the later stages of pregnancy, you would not want your beautician to massage you and engage with the wrong pressure points. Your body is sensitive to these pressure points during pregnancy, so as much as you don’t want to, it’s best if you skip the foot rub.

  • Bring Your Own Lotion

Almost all salons use lotions that have high doses of chemicals. It’s best to carry your own lotion with you because you know what is being put on your skin. Especially during pregnancy, you would not want to take a chance with toxic cosmetic products.

While it’s not harmful to indulge in a little self-care once in a while, limiting the number of visits to the salon helps you find the balance between self-care and safety. The key is to find the line between prioritizing your unborn baby and paying attention to your self-care needs. A little bit of both does more good than harm. We hope our article cleared out your doubts about nail care during pregnancy. Share this article with fellow moms-to-be to impart the knowledge.

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