New Pampers Pants with 3X absorption technology: The verdict is out

What is one thing you miss in diapers? If somebody asks you this question, what would the answer be? A majority of us would say that we want a diaper that makes the baby walk freely even when it is full. The expectation is genuine because the diapers that we have been using are all fine but become saggy as they get wet.

A saggy diaper changes the way the baby walks, and it looks very uncomfortable for a mother. But not anymore because Pampers has found a solution for this problem. In fact, the solution is multi-pronged because they have made several changes to the design in order to keep the baby comfortable even in a filled diaper.

Pampers has come up with the first and only diaper with three absorbent channels.

It is not just us who are in love with the new Pampers Pants.

Look what a mother has to say about them. In fact, she has even demonstrated why the new Pampers are the best for babies. Charu from The Mom Sagas was given a demo kit, and this is what she did.

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Demo kit

  • Transparent tray
  • Absorbent layer
  • Ultraviolet light
  • 225ml of fluorescent colored water (which is equal to one-night pee of a baby)

The new mother pours the 225ml of colored water into the tray, drops the absorbent layer in the tray and switches off the lights and puts the UV light on.

As the layer absorbs the water, the three absorption channels become visible and you notice that the water is distributed equally. She removes the layer from the tray after the total absorption and cuts it into two halves. The moisture is locked in perfectly.

Her verdict

The absorption layer is soft, light and breathable. She is happy that her baby sleeps undisturbed and wakes up bright.

Here’s more about Pampers Pants features

  1. 3X technology: The pathbreaking technology makes provides for three absorbing channels in the diapers. More channels mean more absorption Here’s what it does:
  • Even distribution: Pampers pants is designed to distribute the wetness evenly in the three extra absorbing channels. So, there is no leakage or sagging due to extra pee.
  • Faster absorption: The absorbent particles enable faster absorption of the wetness and the extra dry layer is designed to lock the wetness.
  1. Thin core: Pampers use the thinnest diaper core available. Your baby feels light, dry, and comfortable in them due to the thin surface. Also, the collected pee does not weigh down the pants.
  1. All-around softness: The inner edges of the Pampers Pants are super soft and don’t hurt the delicate skin of the babies. The soft waistband and stretchy leg puff adjust easily to the baby’s movements.
  1. Baby lotion: The inner core of the diaper is treated with baby lotion that protects the baby’s delicate skin from irritation and diaper rashes.
  1. Wetness indicator: It’s hard to tell when your baby’s diaper is fully wet, but the wetness indicator in Pampers changes from yellow to blue indicating it’s time for a change. The wetness indicator is an additional feature that you will find only in Pampers Premium Care Pants – the soft as silk offering from Pampers which is exceptional on skin protection.
  1. Up to 12 hours of dryness: The faster absorption and even distribution of wetness last up to 12 hours making your baby feel dry and comfortable.
    1. Easy-to-change: They are easy to remove by tearing from the side and rolling them up.

Now you agree why we said our problem with diapers is solved?

Moms, it’s time you tried the new Pampers diapers and told us what you think about them.

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