7 Newborn Details Everyone Forgot To Mention

Newborn Details Everyone Forgot To Mention

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You may have received advice from your family members, friends, and the Internet about what motherhood is all about, but there are certain things about raising a child that still remain untold. Usually, people focus on the big details – from breastfeeding and nappy changing to sleepless nights and body weight, but information about child development contain tiny details that are often missed out. And mind you, these details often help in the long run.

Here are some things about your little one that perhaps nobody bothered to prepare you for!

1. No Good Baby Lasts Forever

No Good Baby Lasts Forever

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Babies take their sweet transition time to adapt to the new life even after they get out of the womb. We often think that babies would take a break from crying, but in the initial stages, that rarely happens. Once you’ve given birth, be prepared and aware of how a newborn grows, and what your baby needs from you throughout his/her development.

2. Breastfeeding Isn’t As Natural As You Think

Breastfeeding Isn’t As Natural As You Think

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We are told that babies need milk, so they would latch on to your breasts in a natural manner. What we don’t always know is that babies take time to practice latching. They are unaware and probably won’t get it right the first few times. There’s nothing to worry about, however. Let yourself and your baby practice feeding and latching in the initial phase, so that later you can sit back and relax. Look for a certified lactation consultant, a nurse, medical counsellor or speak to your doctor in case you need help.

3. Babies Get Acne Too

Babies Get Acne Too

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Acne isn’t just meant for teens. Babies get it too. It’s a natural hormonal effect and usually goes away on its own. You don’t need to stress when it happens. Be sure to tell your doctor though, so that you can check for cases like eczema.

4. Baby Fluids Are Unexpected

Baby Fluids Are Unexpected

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It’s not just about baby pee. Your baby’s poop is likely to go everywhere too. On top of that, there’s spit, drool, and even regurgitated breastmilk. Make sure to always keep a towel by your side.

5. Mama Bear Comes Out Of Nowhere

Mama Bear Comes Out Of Nowhere

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Sometimes, often unexpectedly, mothers instinctively become mama bears. They like to protect their babies, and in haste, become over-possesive. Their heartbeat increases even if someone is just holding their baby. And it’s natural! It happens under the strangest of circumstances and in the most extreme ways. Beware of your instincts acting up, especially around strangers.

6. Feeling The Absence Of Your Baby

Feeling The Absence Of Your Baby

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Your baby may get annoying more times than you’d like to admit, but regardless of whether they are physically present, you are likely to miss him/her even when you’re inches away. The kid may be sleeping in the bassinet or playing in daddy’s arms but even then you’re going to miss having your baby in your arms.

7. Baby’s Breath Isn’t Always Pretty

Baby’s Breath Isn’t Always Pretty

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Babies tend to have inconsistent breathing patterns. Sometimes there is a pause for 5-10 seconds, and other times there is a huge gasp. Check with your doctor just to be sure, but mostly it’s no cause for alarm. They are just getting used to life.

The bond between a mother and her child is nature’s gift to humanity. It’s a learning experience for both. It’s hard to take it easy when you bear the responsibility of feeding, taking care, and raising another life. But always remember that as long as you’re consciously aware of your feelings and observe how your baby interacts with those around you, things are going to be just fine. Be sure to ask your doctor when there is anything unusual, but make sure to do your reading homework to prevent getting stressed when there’s nothing to worry about.

Keep at it new mama, you are doing just fine!

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