No More Soiled Diaper Woes! Here's How!

No More Soiled Diapers Woes! Here's How!

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We mothers pull out the stops when it comes to loving our children. And yes, we are not grossed out by whatever our little muchkins do – even if that means changing endless diapers and cleaning the dirtiest of nappies. If you are a new mother, the endless diaper changes will take a while to get used to. But what if this could be done easily and even the messiest of diapers could be dealt with without a problem?

One of the first things to bear in mind when cleaning up a baby either after poop duty or a throw-up session is to make everything accessible. This means that you must keep all the baby essentials – towels, swaddle sheets, fresh clothes, diapers, burp cloth, powder, diaper rash cream, et al. – at one place. Changing a soiled diaper gets easy when you can just reach out for things rather than run around with one hand holding the baby and the other the soiled diaper.

New mothers, do not freak out! Here is how you can quickly get around the soiled diaper problem without breaking a sweat.

1. Take to the clock:

While babies may have different pooping schedules, it is imperative that you maintain one for the baby at a four-hour cycle. Babies may or may not complain of a soiled diaper. How then would you stick to the schedule? You could change their diapers every time you feed the baby (ideally between two and four hours), or you could keep a timer. Remember, that a soiled diaper on the baby is a storehouse of infections and diseases.

2. Use a fresh diaper after a poop:

While you may want to change the diaper the moment it is soiled, check if the baby is going to poop further so that the soiled diaper can take that. This is especially a little while after the baby has been fed. Changing the diaper after the baby poops helps use a fresh diaper for longer.

3. Try a double diaper

Babies need their night sleep as it helps them grow better. You do not want them to wake up crying due to the wetness. Use a double diaper. Stack one extra diaper below the diaper the baby is wearing. This will prevent any spilling and take in the poop and pee for longer. It also ensures that your baby does not wake up from his sleep when you’re doing a quick diaper change.

4. Make sure your baby is comfortable:

Yes , It is necessary to change the diaper once it is soiled but when otherwise you need to ensure that your baby is dry and comfortable. Try the Huggies Ultrasoft pants- they are really soft on baby skin. These diapers also come with a leak lock protection, which lasts for upto 12 hours and has four layers of protection. This ensures dryness which keeps the baby happier.
So, if you are worried about soiled diapers, then Huggies Ultrasoft pants are your best bet.

We also give you a few diaper tips, which would make diapering an easy process.

  • Always use up the diaper to wipe away as much leakage as possible before you switch to using wipes or cloth.
  • When cleaning a baby girl during a diaper change, always go from top to bottom (that is the vagina to anus) to prevent any infections.
  • You could use cloth, wipe, or a few tissues before you open that last flap of a baby boy’s diaper. This would prevent your baby peeing a fountain on you.
  • If your baby is especially fussy around diaper changing time, change the location and sing to distract them. You could change the diaper on the floor by putting the baby on a thick, water-absorbing towel.
  • When cleaning the baby during the diaper change, ensure that you have cleaned him thoroughly to avoid diaper rashes.
For your baby

Mothers do so much to make their babies be and feel comfortable, and Huggies Ultrasoft help mothers a bit more with that emotion. Did you ever think that soiled diapers could be this easy to deal with? Just follow these tips, and you will never complain of soiled diapers again.

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