7 Non Traditional Word Names For Girls

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Bringing a baby into this world is a wonderful and magical feeling, and so is the task of naming them. Although it may seem overwhelming or daunting at first, naming a baby has always been cause for celebration. When it comes to the topic of picking out a favorite, there are some names that stand out, and these names can be inspired by just about anything. Your family tree, favorite TV characters, a name from your favorite book or a random word that just has a special ring to it. The new trend is to give your baby a name that is unique and a little out of the box. With celebrities naming their child “Blue Ivy” and “Harper 7”, we see why this trend has caught on. If you want a quirky and creative name for your little bundle of joy, this is the list for you! Here are some non-traditional names that should be on your radar.

1. Lace


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We can’t get over how delicate and delightful this name is! Lace is one of the more popular word based names for girls and we can certainly see why. We’ve heard this name carry across decades with a couple of subtle differences in pronunciation and spelling. Parents sometimes add a “y” at the end of the name or change the “e” to an “i” to make it more unique to their baby. But whatever it may be, the name always reminds us of that delicate and perfectly feminine fabric.

2. Page


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Page or Paige as it is more popularly spelt is another fan favorite. This name has a lovely ring to it and is ideal for parents who love books, literature and reading. This name is cute but packs a lot of character and subtly hints at the parents voracious reading habits without being too obvious. So, would you name your little girl after your love of books?

3. Echo


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This fascinating and rare name is a gem! If you are a parent who gravitates towards a more earthy and hippy aesthetic, this just might be the perfect name for your little one. The name Echo is rooted in the sound term and is sweet short and most importantly, vowel heavy. This will make it memorable and unique. Echos reminds us of caves and valleys. If you are a nature lover this could be your top pick!

4. Rouge


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How classy and sophisticated is this name! Rouge is the French word for the color red. It is the color of passion and love. Two great things to associate with your baby. For parents who want a Parisian name that sounds effortless and sleek or for parents who are obsessed with that bright and fiery color, this is the name for you. This name would work all the more if your baby girl was born a redhead, what could be more fitting!

5. Dawn


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If your little baby girl is brighter than the morning sun then this is a great choice for you! Dawn may be the most popular word inspired name on our list and it is definitely deserving of its number 1 spot. This name has been around for a long time and although it’s been on the decline in the last few decades we don’t think it will ever fully disappear. This name is short and radiant. If your baby is the center of your world and the light of your life, dawn, the name that signifies new beginnings is a great name for your daughter!

6. Ember


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This is one fiery name that we couldn’t leave out. Embers are what you see in the air while a fire is burning and they are the last to go out. This name gives us all the strong, dangerous fire vibes while still sounding sophisticated and cute. If your little one has a fiery personality or is simply strong willed and determined, this might be the perfect name for her! Ember is a baby name that has been inspired by the colors red and orange and has been steadily becoming more popular in the past couple of decades. Would you name your baby girl after the flames?

7. Emerald


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This name is a classic. It is timeless and opulent. If you’d like a name fit for royalty for your little princess, this might be the name for you! Emerald is a precious stone that is a deep green, reminding us of serenity, peace and prosperity. Emeralds stand for harmony and balance which are beautiful qualities for your baby to channel.

Picking a name for your baby doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can find inspiration in the most random words. We hope that some of these non-traditional names make it at the top of your baby name list!

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