11 Obvious Signs Your Husband Wants To Leave You

11 Obvious Signs Your Husband Wants To Leave You

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Marriage is a work in progress! Every marriage has a good and a bad phase. But, not all marriages survive the hard times. And the ones that do will last a lifetime. We often take our relationships for granted or are just not interested in mending things. The secret, however, is to spruce it up, add spice, and put in conscious efforts to strengthen it to reach the level where nothing can break them apart.

Sometimes, things just fall apart no matter how hard you try. Apart from having the gut feeling that something is out of the normal in your relationship, it’s worth knowing the warning signs in your relationship. Take a look at these sure shot signs to tell that your husband is about to leave you:

  1. Distance: It’s just not the physical distance, but the emotional distance between you and your husband can be an early warning sign. If you find your husband is emotionally distant from you or has stopped sharing anything with you that he did earlier, then he must be surely sharing it with someone else.
  1. Brushing it aside with “She’s just a friend”? If you question him about this particular friend he’s been referring to lately or you have a slight suspicion about the two of them, he might say, “She’s just a friend.” Don’t trust him when he says that as there might be more to the story.
  1. Trivial bickering to constant fighting: When petty everyday issues turn into constant fights that last for several weeks or months, then there sure is a burning problem in your relationship. He might be preparing to leave you taking the excuse of constant fights.
  1. Unwilling to make huge investments or big purchases: You notice that he’s not making any big investments or indulging in big purchases for your home. The chances are that not all is going well.
  1. Avoiding eye contact with you: If he’s not maintaining eye contact while talking to you, then he is guilty of doing something wrong that you wouldn’t approve of. He either wants to avoid talking to you or intends to walk out of the relationship.
  1. No sex: There’s no sex between the two of you, then it’s a clear indication of not wanting to stay in the relationship.
  1. Separate lives: Are you living under the same roof but leading separate lives with minimal communication? You need to work on it before it’s too late. Keep the lines of communication open.
  1. If he is difficult to crack: When you can’t crack him up no matter what, he either isn’t comfortable talking about it or is guilty about it. You might end up yelling, screaming, and crying but there’s no reaction from your husband. He’s like a wall you can’t break into.
  1. Spends more time away from home: He might give you an excuse of work or meeting friends to spend time away from home. Don’t overlook; there is something definitely brewing up.
  1. Unwilling to work on the marriage: When there’s an issue in your marriage, and you are ready to work on it, but your husband doesn’t, it implies that he doesn’t want you. As hard as it may sound to you, he’s sure made up his mind to leave you.
  1. Secret bank accounts: If he’s trying to have a separate bank account or transferring the money from joint account to another account secretly, there’s sure something cooking up the burner.

For whatever reasons you have drifted apart, any marriage can be worked upon with a little patience and a lot of love. As a wise person once said, “If love does not work, increase the dose of love.”

What do you think? Do let us know if you believe there are more signs to tell if the husband intends to leave you.

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