Why Is Organic Cotton Better For Your Baby?

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As a parent, you want the best for your baby. Whether it is making sure that your baby gets the right nutrients or that their moisturizers and creams are free of chemicals and toxins, we are always keen on providing the very best. So why compromise on clothing? Organic cotton has become increasingly popular for its 100% naturally grown material as opposed to inorganic ones that are drenched with chemicals.

If you are contemplating choosing organic cotton for your little ones, take a look at the 5 reasons why you should make the jump to this fine fabric.

1. Soft And Safe For Your Baby

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Babies are delicate beings with soft, sensitive, and fragile skin. For this reason, organic cotton clothing is your best pick as they are free of chemicals and soft to touch. Devoid of any chemicals, many brands handpick the fibers for improved durability and purity. By going 100% organic, your baby’s skin won’t be exposed to any chemicals that may cause skin irritation.

2. They Are Environment-Friendly

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Organically produced fabrics are always a better and smart choice for not just your baby, but for the environment as well. With organic cotton clothing, the quantity of chemicals released into the atmosphere will be relatively low for the simple reason that they are organic. Employees of organic cotton companies enjoy a much healthy and safer atmosphere as they are not constantly exposed to dangerous chemicals. Organic cotton farming is a lot less stressful on the land as it is cultivated without the use of pesticides and by following practices such as mechanical removal of weeds and crop rotation.

Since the production of organic cotton doesn’t involve harmful chemicals, thanks to the strict regulations set by GOTS (1). Hence you can rest assured that no animals are killed around the area due to any harmful chemicals. So every time you make a purchase, you are not only thinking the best for your little one but the environment as well.

3. They Offer Great Durability

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Durability is extremely important when purchasing baby clothes. Though they seem to grow up in the blink of an eye, you will still need clothes made of durable fabric. It’s no surprise that baby clothes tend to get dirty and you end up washing them hundreds of times in a limited time. Repeated washing of clothes causes them to look shabby and worn out. There is no newness to it anymore and they end up looking like hand-me-downs. Organic cotton offers durability which means you never have to worry about your baby’s cotton garments looking like they have been beaten to death.

4. Ultimate Comfort For Your Baby

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Even if we give you a gazillion reasons on why you should opt for organic cotton for your baby, every one of those reasons would fall short if comfort isn’t one of its key factors. Organic cotton is perfect for your baby as they are comfortable as sleepwear or for playtime outside. The breathability of the fabric allows airflow and wicks away sweat so that your baby feels comfortable even on a hot sunny day. The unique property of the fabric makes it perfect for year-round use whether you are living in a chilly or tropical climate. No more seasonal shopping!

5. It Safeguards The Economic, Health, And Social Benefits Of People Involved In The Making!

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As we discussed earlier, organic cotton farming doesn’t involve the use of any toxic pesticides. Unlike other methods that use GMO, organic cotton farming is done using saved seeds. This allows them the freedom to grow other crops for food alongside their cotton farms. And since they aren’t locked in contracts, they can earn better and receive fair wages. GOTS is also strictly against forced labor or child labor (2).

So what are you waiting for? Switch to organic cotton and be a conscious consumer. We hope that our post helped create awareness of the benefits of organic cotton over the conventional ones. Are you confident to make this change? Let us know in the comments.