Product Review - Pampers Premium Care Pants

Babies have ultra delicate and sensitive skin. The skin of an infant is in the developing stage and is not as thick as an adult’s skin. It is prone to get affected due to wetness and moisture. This means that you need to take a lot of care of your baby’s skin. Who can help mommies for this? Of course, Pampers! Pampers have launched the New Pampers Premium Care Pants. Check out the features and the superiority of these pants.

Softness: The New Pampers Premium Care Pants are the #SoftestPampersEver.  The diaper is exceptionally soft on the inside — as soft as a cotton cloth nappy. Usually, the belt and the leg cuff areas are the most irritating part of the diaper for babies. But, the new Pampers has an extremely soft and stretchy belt and leg cuff area. I was so happy to see no marks on my baby’s waist and thighs. The extra softness of the diapers makes my baby stay free and happy.

Breathability And Superior Absorption: The New Pampers Premium Care Pants is made out of materials that are breathable. Thanks to the air channels in the diapers, this new variant of pampers has powerful absorption. These channels evenly distribute the wetness and allow the air to pass between the baby’s skin and the diaper. When I performed the demo of pouring hot water into the diaper, I could clearly see the shape of the channels inside. Then, to test the breathability of the diaper, I placed a glass underneath it. It clearly showed moisture passing through the diaper. Upon seeing this, I was sure that my baby is comfortable in this new Pampers.

Wetness Indicator: The New Pampers Premium Care Pants has a wetness indicator. The yellow line turns blue when the pampers is wet. What a relief!! Now there is no need to check again and again if the diaper is soiled or wet. And no more baby crying due to wetness if I miss checking it on time. I don’t need to worry now as the blue line gives me the indication: “Time to change”.

Disposal Tape: The New Pampers Premium Care Pants has a disposal tape that can be used to seal the pampers before the disposal. This is another blockbuster! No more worries of opening the diaper, sniffing it, and then searching for a separate bag to throw. Just fold it and seal it with the tape. The disposal tape firmly holds the diaper together. This is my favorite feature as it has made my life easy — whether at home or out.

Lotion: The New Pampers Premium Care Pants is full of wonderful fragrance. These diapers have been nourished with an aloe vera lotion! The soothing nature of aloe vera keeps the baby’s skin dry. I just love the fragrance and I am so sure that this is the perfect product for my baby.

Price: I paid Rs 700, after discount, for 55 Premium Care Pants. The price is a little bit on the higher side for sure. But, I want the best for my baby. The diapers are just FANTASTIC for the price. If anyone asked me what is the best product for my baby’s skin and activeness, I would strongly recommend the New Pampers Premium Care Pants.

Overall Rating: 5/5 for this excellent product! All in all, I am super impressed! There is no doubt that Pampers has launched a FANTASTIC product! It couldn’t get better than this!

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