6 Parental Rules That Tell A Wise Family From A Good One

6 Parental Rules That Tell A Wise Family From A Good One

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Being a parent is not a piece of cake, especially when your kids are mere toddlers. Though there’s abundance of sources to know how to raise a smart child, it will never be enough; because no two kids are same. Most parents want their kids to turn out to be geniuses as the likes of Albert Einstein, but, hey, there’s no cookbook to make it happen!

While some parents focus on making their kids become responsible and wiser adults, others focus on trivial aspects of life. Momjunction brings you six rules that depict the way different parents raise their kids.

1. Things Get Easier With Each Time

Be it a pursuing a new hobby at the age of two, or putting on shoes for the first time, children look for a sign of encouragement from their parents in whatever they do. In case they struggle to do something they like, you must always remind them, “Every beginning is difficult.” The best way to do this is to give them multiple chances and the freedom to try things in their own manner. Discouraging your kids will only lead to self-confidence issues later in life.

2. Trust Is Rewarding

Trust Is Rewarding

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No, we don’t mean that every time he packs his school bag by himself, you give him candy! Instead, reward your kid with trust. Let me break this down for you. Assign a job to your child and leave him/her alone to work it out. This is one of the best secrets to steal from the cookbooks of wise parents. You can’t possibly keep an eye out and check whether or not the job is being done correctly. Trust them enough to be responsible. This makes a child self-aware and helps him take up authority as an adult.

3. Lines That Mustn’t Be Crossed

Ingenious kids can get away with pretty much anything. Even paint patches on his shirt lead you to believe that he might turn out to be a painter of some kind. However, there is a fine line. Disrespect is something that should not be tolerated. Parents who create future geniuses know that kids cannot misbehave with them. Rather than flattering them, they take a tough stand to make them learn from their mistakes (1).

4. Tidiness Is Not A Sign Of Wisdom

Tidiness Is Not A Sign Of Wisdom

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I can’t count the number of times I have seen parents scold their children for being untidy. While it is essential to make them understand why they must opt for cleanliness, it is also okay to be untidy at times. Given the right reasoning, children can happily realise the significance and practice it as time passes. Kids are prone to more chaos in their surroundings, and wise parents know that!

5. Both Mom And Dad Are Leaders

Children figure out who calls the shots in the family at an early stage. Though men are usually entitled to this role, it is imperative that both parents should practice being equals. Therefore, anything the child does is of lesser importance. With this, children will learn to become more independent and practice doing things by themselves instead of asking their parents to do a job.

6. Achievements Should Not Be Ignored

Achievements Should Not Be Ignored

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Parents of future masterminds know the importance of praising their kids for their achievements and efforts (2). It will make them more confident as adults and they are more likely to excel in the field of their choosing. On the contrary, parents who don’t take out time to notice their kids’ craft or extracurricular achievements, will raise children who feel unappreciated and struggle with low self-esteem issues.

All parents want the best for their kids, but there are some who do it better than the rest. What would you rather be? A wise family or a good one? Share your thoughts with us in the Comment section below!

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