People Are Naming Their Babies After "Game Of Thrones" Characters More Than Ever In 2019

Game Of Thrones

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Game of Thrones- The one show that has left people sleepless now that the final season is here! The wall that stood steady for hundreds of years is now just cookie crumbles and we are terrified to see what’s going to happen next. With the 8th and final season being telecasted, fans are going gaga over GoT. Apart from all the merchandise and group streamings, people have taken their fandom to the next level- parents are naming their babies after GoT characters more than ever this year!

Peter Dinklage, aka Tyrion Lannister, calls the show the most realistic fantasy show. This is probably why people feel connected to the names of the characters as much as the show itself. Here are some of the most popular Game of Thrones names that parents love to name their children after:



“Khaleesi”- what a powerful name! Of course, it is powerful because it means “Queen” in Dothraki- a language that was exclusively made for the show. When Daenerys Targaryen, the character played by Emilia Clark, climbs on her fire-spitting dragon with the whole Dothraki clan chanting “Khaleesi”- you cannot control your body hair from giving a standing ovation. Parents would love to name their daughters after the character since it sounds so epic and powerful!


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Sansa is yet another name that has gained tremendous popularity through the show Game of Thrones. Sansa Stark is now the Lady of Winterfell and the pain and toil she has suffered have only polished her beauty. She is beautiful, intelligent, and tolerant- she’s the ideal image of a strong woman we all hope to be (even if she was a bit stupid when she was a teenager- well, who isn’t?). Sophie Turner who plays Sansa is indeed one of the most beautiful actresses we have today.



Jorah Mormont is a character that most of us feel is inseparable from that of Khaleesi. His most appreciable quality is his loyalty. Even though he makes mistakes at the beginning of the series, he lives up to our expectations. He’s a great swordsman and he’s pretty charming too.


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Parents love to name their son after Tyrion Lannister mainly because of his one quality- intelligence. Tyrion is the most intelligent man in Westeros and he proves it over and over again in the show. Unlike many other characters, Tyrion uses his intelligence to uplift the weak and to do good things. We love Tyrion!



Arya Stark is the character played by Macy Williams in GoT. Arya refuses to be the ideal image of a noble lady and she proves us that girls can chop heads better than onions. She’s rebellious, righteous, and she loves her family more than anything else. Arya is quite a popular name in countries like India already and it means honorable. But today, a lot of people name their daughters Arya after the bold Stark girl.


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Olenna is one of the most popular baby names that has its roots in the TV series. Lady Olenna of House Tyrell is a noblewoman who is very smart and brave. It’s her who finds the courage to kill King Joffrey- one of the characters we wished we could kill ourselves. Even though Lady Olenna is pretty old, her wit and youthful vibes are pretty charming.



Ellaria is a very catchy name and babies who have this name can proudly say that they were named after Ellaria Sand. Even though a lot of people may not like her character, she has her own plus points. Ellaria is bold and a good fighter! Her love is daringly strong and she isn’t the woman who finishes her pain in tears. She’s very cunning and super hot!

Yes- it’s almost over. Just a few more episodes and everything that you’ve been loving for about ten years are going to be history. Naming your children after people you love is always a great idea, even if they are fictional people. Someday when your baby Arya grows up, you can play the series and tell her how kickass Arya Stark was- the girl after whom she was named.

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