7 People Who Will Definitely Guess You're Pregnant Before You Tell Them

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As much as you want to announce it to everyone that you are pregnant, you also want to wait for a while before breaking the news. It can be for various reasons – be it because you want to soak it in yourself first or just want to keep the news under wraps for some time. But, no matter how sly you try to be about hiding the “big” news from everyone, there are some people who will still know about it, even before you make the official announcement. And, in some cases, these people may even come to know before you do yourself. Here, we bring you a list of some of these incredibly intuitive people:

1. Your Significant Other

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You might be just waiting for your gynecologist to confirm before you tell your husband about the pregnancy. But, even within this short span of time, your partner may notice some tell-tale signs in you. And, since they know you well, they can also figure it out when you are trying to hide something from them. So, if you have been planning for a while, it may not take your partner a long time to guess what your big secret is (pun intended!).

2. Your Best Friend

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A plot twist in the usual girls’ night routine may clue in your best friend. It can be just a subtle giveaway, but your BFF will obviously not miss it. Be it your sudden decision to order lemon juice instead of your favorite glass of wine. Or, you rushing to the bathroom every five minutes. So, while every other friend of yours may continue with the party charade, your BFF has surely begun planning your baby shower already.

3. Your Mom

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We all know how moms can guess just about everything when it comes to our lives. This is no different. So, no matter how much you try to hide from her, it is all going to be in vain. While you might be unknowingly caressing your tummy, your mom may have already started thinking of baby names.

4. Your Boss

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Morning sickness during the first trimester may slow you down. Waking up with nausea can make it really hard, and at times, impossible to reach early to the office. And, if you have always been prompt, this sudden change can surely make your boss a little suspicious. Also, if ever you had to rush to the loo with your hands on the mouth, then your boss surely knows!

5. Anyone Who Has Had A Baby

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You may think that you have been a pro at hiding stuff from all your friends and colleagues. But, don’t just give yourself a pat on the back yet. The excuses may work with most of the people. But, narrate those explanations to a woman who has already given birth, she will see right through the lies. Kudos for trying, though!

6. The Coworker Next To The Loo

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Your body is changing and so is your bladder activity. Suddenly, you find yourself rushing to the loo every half an hour. So, of course, it is no wonder then that your coworker who sits next to the loo has caught on to your frequent bathroom trips.

7. Your Incredible Pet

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Yes, we understand that they are technically not people. But, it is believed that our beloved canines or felines are equipped with the ability to sense such things. In fact, if your pet already knows, you may observe them being even more loving and protective than earlier. But, fortunately, your furry friends can’t really talk so no fear of them letting the cat out of the bag (pun intended!).

Ever had a similar experience? Did someone catch on to your secret even before you were ready to make the big announcement? Please share your experiences with us in the comments section below!

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