10 Phrases To Avoid Raising A Tough Kid

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Kids are great observers. From learning to speak to forming habits, they develop their personalities depending on their upbringing. So, proper parenting is necessary for every child to get the best of them. Although, sometimes, parents might not be as careful with their choice of words to describe their emotions, and this can end up in kids looking at those words negatively. This act might impact their thinking instantly, but it does in the later phase of life.

Let’s look at some phrases parents should avoid using in front of their kids and their alternatives to raising a resilient kid.

1. “Boys Don’t Cry Like This.”

Boys Don’t Cry Like This

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There isn’t a hard and fast rule that boys should not cry. Crying doesn’t make you weak. On the contrary, it makes you feel stronger and more confident about feeling and expressing it. So, next time you see your kid crying, let them express their emotions rather than suppressing them. Also, avoid a similar phrase, “Don’t cry like girls….” This isn’t the right and wise way to raise a kid. Instead, you can make them feel relaxed and okay about feeling like that and help them feel positive.

2. “You Can’t Do A Single Thing Correctly….”

You Can’t Do A Single Thing Correctly

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Mistakes are inevitable; you shouldn’t be harsh on your kids when you know this hard fact. However, if your kids are clumsy or frequently make silly mistakes, let them know that it’s okay to make mistakes earlier in life. Don’t get mad if they spill the tea on the floor or break your favorite pot. Let them be, and they’ll soon learn from these mistakes.

3. “Nothing Happened, Get Up, You Are Fine….”

Nothing Happened, Get Up, You Are Fine

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Although statements like these make your child feel better in the back of their mind, they might be doubting their emotions. Therefore, they should be reassured with a better approach. First, you can tell them not to worry. Then you should validate their feelings by saying that you know it hurts badly, we’ll soon get it medicated, stay strong!

4. “It’s Easy. Anyone Can Do This….”

It’s Easy. Anyone Can Do This

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You should never overlook talent or hard work. If your child can do a challenging task quickly, it doesn’t mean everyone can do it. Instead, you should encourage and appreciate their skill and practice. This will teach them to do better and better cause they’ll know you’ll support them.

5. “You Don’t Speak A Word..”

You Don’t Speak A Word

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You know how much nuisance a kid can create within minutes. Kids don’t stop quickly from breaking antique artifacts to spoiling their clothes. Getting them in discipline can be pretty challenging, but you should never lose your temper and scold them straight away. It can hurt their feelings deeply. Instead, you can politely and calmly tell how problematic their behavior is, and it’s not helping you at all. This way, your kid will also understand you and take your situation seriously.

6. “Leave It. It’s Too Tough For You…”

Leave It. It’s Too Tough For You

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No matter how challenging the task is, a parent should never discourage their children by saying such statements. Parents are people children can trust blindly and look up to, so it’s their responsibility to motivate their children at all costs.

7. “Don’t You Understand Easily?”

Don’t You Understand Easily

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Whenever your kids turn your house into a fish market, you don’t have to scream at them all the time. If you do this, they’ll probably hurt their feelings and show more tantrums. So instead, you should make them sit and tell them which habits or behaviors are worsening the situation. This way, they might be able to understand you better.

8. “There’s No Need To Make It An Issue….”

There’s No Need To Make It An Issue

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If your kid gets scared from watching horror movies or walking alone in a dark room and complains about feeling an unwanted presence around them or throws tantrums before sleeping, you should not neglect their feelings. Instead, you should calm them down and assure them you’ll always be there for them. This way, your kid will also feel safe.

9. “I Don’t Feel Like Living…”

I Don’t Feel Like Living

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Everyone gets frustrated by their lifestyle at some point in their life, especially working parents. But it’s your responsibility to handle such situations with a positive attitude because your kids will learn a lot from it. Moreover, you’ll be able to teach positive values to your kids without even knowing if you react in a suitable way to unfortunate situations.

10. “We Cannot Afford This….”

We Cannot Afford This

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With the addition of kids in your lives, your finances can go upside down anytime. And things get tricky when you can’t afford their wants timely. So instead of rejecting their plea, you can make them understand budgeting and some intelligent financial tips. This way, your kids will also learn the importance of having a budget.

Parents are the first teachers to their kids, and learning essential values daily can benefit them later in life. Although, if parents avoid using the statements mentioned above and use a better approach, they can make a huge difference in their upbringing. Let us know in the comments below what other statements you avoid making in front of your young ones.

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