5 Physical Signs The Baby Still Isn't Ready To Come Out

As you get closer to the due date, every ache and discomfort makes you think the baby is on its way. However, you might be disappointed if your doctor tells you that there’s still time. So, what are the signs baby still is not ready? It’s a common query among first-time mothers who are unfamiliar with the entire pregnancy process.

They are filled with so many expectations, apprehensions, and a secret fear of labor pains that tiny physical changes appear to them as a cue to prepare. Read this post as we bring you a list of physical signs that show your little love is not ready to enter the world yet.

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1. Has The Position Of Baby Bump Changed?

Has The Position Of Baby Bump Changed

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The manner in which expecting mothers carry their little ones in the womb varies quite a bit. It is mainly her body type that determines the sort of baby bump she will have, be it high or low. And, in fact, a subsequent pregnancy may be different from the present one too. But, even if the little one seems to be lower right from the beginning, the position will still change at the time of labor. The baby may drop a bit lower into the abdomen. So, suppose the little one is still high up in the womb, it more or less means that he/she is still not ready to come out.

2. Contractions Don’t Always Mean That It’s Time

Contractions Don't Always Mean That It's Time

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Most of us believe that contraction marks the beginning of childbirth. But, for many women, contractions may happen even months before the actual labor starts. At times, it is painful, but sometimes, it doesn’t even hurt a little bit. Contractions come and go for several women. And, if this happens closer to the due date, a lot of women may feel that it is labor but it fades out on its own. That is why it is suggested to wait for at least an hour. And, if it continues to be steady for that long, then it may be time to head to the hospital.

3. Heartburn And What It Means

Heartburn And What It Means

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One of the most horrible symptoms that come along with late pregnancy is heartburn. Sometimes, it can even torment the expecting mom after every meal. And, other times, this unbearable pain can just go all night long. This condition usually starts because the digestion process slows down due to the pregnancy hormones. But, as the soon-to-be moms approach the third trimester, this might become even worse with the uterus pushing the stomach area closer to the esophagus. It is believed that the terrible heartburn indicates that the baby is still not ready. So, the wait might be a little longer.

4. Hips Definitely Don’t Lie

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As the pop star Shakira once said, hips don’t lie. This truth is also applicable during pregnancy. There are some women who may feel a certain amount of pressure in their hip area a few weeks before the due date. But, the struggle to walk due to this reason won’t be so much until a few days before the baby is about to come. As the baby drops in the uterus, the pressure in the hip area might increase significantly. So, if it feels like the hips are still going strong, the time has not arrived as yet.

5. Might Take Longer For The First-Time Moms

Start Soon After The Arrival

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There are only a small amount of women who go into labor exactly on their due date. In fact, for most first-time mothers, the contractions might not even begin until few days after the estimated D-day. It is said that one of the biggest reasons for this delay is because the body has not undergone this process earlier. But, nothing can be said with absolute accuracy. Since each pregnancy is unique, the due dates can vary drastically.

This is just a guide of what might help you understand your labor and childbirth process better. But, of course, this can vary for different women. And, you can’t take this as a sure shot sign of when your baby is going to arrive into the world. However, we hope that we were able to help you out in some way at least. Good luck!

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