These Pictures Prove That Raising Babies And Dogs Together Is As Cute As You’ve Dreamed

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How many times have you come across pictures of babies and dogs together and thought to yourself that it is the most aww-dorable thing ever? Countless times, isn’t it? But, when you think of it, babies are adorable and so are dogs. So, how can the combination fail? It is just not possible. Period.

And, the 26-year-old dog groomer from Australia, Sarah Hegarty, could not have agreed more with this statement. She, along with her significant other, Aaron Shaw, might have dreamed of keeping this popular dog breed known as Samoyed since forever. But, perhaps, what they would have not thought of was raising four of these dogs along with two young little princesses. However, just one look at their social media profile and you will think that they are a pro at this!

This aside, their social media profile has become the go-to source for their followers for a daily dose of cuteness and all things wonderful. It also serves as an inspiration to all those who dream of building a home where the human babies coexist with the fur babies. The couple copes with the challenges of parenthood with utmost grace, kindness, love, and the much-needed sense of humor.

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When Sarah and Aaron decided to start their family, the couple already had two Samoyed dogs. Another two joined the lovely family at the time of their daughter’s birth. While the elder daughter Layla has still not turned two, the couple made the decision to add one more member to the family. The couple gave birth to another young girl, Ruby, around a year ago. So, it comes as no surprise that Sarah and Aaron have a lot on their plate presently.

The couple gave birth to Layla in October 2016 and the littermates Shimmer and Sebastian had joined the family on July 2016. Since the three have more or less grown up together, the couple says that they are exceptionally close.

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In fact, according to the couple, these little princesses keep playing with the dogs. And, they often end up learning from each other too. The pups have taught the basics of social interaction to the little girls. And, the girls have also learned all about compassion and care from these furry creatures.

In fact, the elder one, Layla, learned how to walk with the help of the pups’ fur. She would hold on to it gently and follow them as they roamed around the house. Apparently, she also sneaks in food for them. And, they have often been found reading and falling asleep together too. Layla and Shimmer run through the entire house and chase the toys together.

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Most parents feel extremely anxious about raising their children and dogs in such close proximity. After all, tiny tots can be unpredictable and the thought of them provoking the dogs in any which way can be pretty scary. But, the couple says that they feel confident about their understanding of both their children and dogs and know that they can ensure a safe environment.

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While the couple had not planned to have so many of them altogether in one house, Sarah says that bringing in a new pup to your home is not an issue at all if you are putting in the right effort and training. As long as you get the basic part right, you won’t have to worry about your dog’s temperament so much.

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Sarah’s experience as a dog groomer surely comes in handy here. In fact, the couple even takes in a rescued Samoyed once in a while. They take care of them until these adorable furry creatures find their forever homes.

Sarah and Aaron have a very simple secret to ensure a happy home. It is love! And, looking at these incredibly beautiful pictures, we can’t help but agree with them.

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