8 Pictures Proving C-Sections Are Not An Easy Way Out For Moms

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For most women, one of the most significant milestones in their life is when they bring a new life into this world. Childbirth is beautiful in every form, be it a natural delivery, water birth, or a Cesarean birth. However, there are still some preconceived notions that exist with respect to the C-section delivery. Unfortunately, many still feel that it is a step which the expecting mothers take to avoid all the pain. Not many are aware that it is a massive surgery and has its own share of associated risks. And, more often than not, the soon-to-be mothers agree for a C-section delivery only because it is the best option for both them and their babies due to some unforeseen complications. In fact, even the recovery process can be relatively longer. The surgery stitches in the abdominal area take some time to heal, making it even painful to roam around to take care of the little one.

Here, at MomJunction, we bring you some pictures of C-section delivery, which surely proves that it is not an easy way out for mothers:

1. That “Raw” Feeling

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In a C-section surgery, many women feel like there is a thorough “search” mission going on. Sometimes, even the bladder and bowels need to be moved to make space for the little one to come out.

2. That “Permanent” Scar

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There is not a single woman who isn’t scared of the permanent scar that a C-section surgery can leave. But, these scars prove how a mother doesn’t care about anything else other than her little one’s well-being.

3. Be Aware Of Everything

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If a woman is undergoing a Cesarean delivery, she should be well-informed with respect to her choices. The docs usually don’t suggest this surgery unless it is necessary. In some scenarios, the women also get the opportunity to hold their baby for a while to ensure some skin-to-skin contact before the docs begin to stitch again. Unless it poses some serious medical complications.

4. Infection Scares

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Like any other massive surgery, even Cesarean delivery poses a risk of contracting infections. In this surgery, around seven incisions are made on a woman’s body to take out the newborn. So, there are always chances of bacteria or other germs entering into the body, which may result in infections. And, it is an even bigger problem since breastfeeding moms can’t ingest antibiotics to treat them.

5. Other Uses Of Stationery Items

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In a Cesarean surgery, stationery items like staples are used to stitch up the area that has been opened up. Yes, certain body parts such as abdomen or uterus are stapled during the delivery. Of course, neither is it pretty nor easy.

6. Belly Binders

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Yes, new moms need to wear belly binders soon after the surgery to keep everything tucked in properly. Even making the slightest of movements can be really painful after the C-section delivery. Thus, belly binders are given for abdominal support. And, helps with the overall recovery process.

7. Accidents

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Unfortunately, accidents do happen sometimes. Even though it is pretty rare, the little ones can get hurt during the C-section surgery. Imagine how heartbreaking and scary that can be for a new mother.

8. A Different Experience Altogether

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At times, the mom doesn’t get to hold her tiny angel soon after the delivery. It is important for her to be stitched up. So, she misses out on the skin-to-skin touch. But, a woman still feels happy as she sees her partner holding the baby for the first time.

After looking at all the pics, we are sure that no one will ever think again that C-section surgery is an easy way out for expecting mothers. Every mom is a warrior and she deserves to be appreciated for sailing through all the complications so gracefully. Isn’t it? Cheers to all the new mothers out there!

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