Planning For Postpartum Sex? Here's Why It Will Be Like Your First Time

Planning For Postpartum Sex

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Having had a baby recently might not leave you any less lascivious than your earlier times. Now that you have touched the milestone in the craft by bringing a baby into the world, your energies just don’t seem to hit the wall. Believe it or not! Some women are ready to do it again within a couple of weeks after childbirth, while some can even wait for months.

Despite your urges, no matter how intense, you will be surprised at losing your mastery in the bedroom just like losing sand from your fists. Yes, you suddenly realize what a novice you have become at sex – not only in terms of the nitty-gritty, but also in terms of how your body allows you now. Naturally it all starts feeling like the first time. You are dubious about everything. And here’s why it is apparently so and what you could do about it.

When You Must Resume:

Medical literature, your gynecologist/obstetrician, midwives and anyone from the circle of people who share with you matters of copulation will tell you that you should wait for at least six postpartum weeks until your medical examination can flash the green light for you to get back in the sack. You must have started taking birth control measures and must not be bleeding, though. The idea is to keep at bay any infections.

If it’s a vaginal birth, the lacerations are yet to heal, if a C-section then you still risk the bacteria from traveling from the vagina to the uterus to cause an infection. And with the trauma of childbirth, your body doesn’t want to be inflicted with an onslaught of microorganisms that don’t like you. Moreover, if you haven’t commenced your postpartum periods yet, you could get pregnant again without any mental preparation or physical capacity to have a baby with the right birthweight.

Why You Don’t Resume:

Now that has already put you off a bit. While your hormones shoot up, you want to abstain. Not because of the above-mentioned reasons, but for the fact that you don’t feel sexy anymore. You are mentally and physically drained out. You are nervous. And above all, you are uncomfortable with your very self. You seem to have lost the confidence you once had in undressing yourself or sharing yourself with your partner. On one hand you are conscious about what he might think of your sagging belly; while on the other hand, the squirting milk will be a reminder for your partner that your body at this time around is meant more for the baby than for him!

Does It Hurt:

If this is a question that keeps stirring your mind before you get on to it, then you must know that each woman’s body is different, and each has a different experience. While some think it hurts a lot, to some it feels like the lady parts are behaving with them. Biologically, you must be aware, the uterus and the cervix will have lowered. Your estrogen levels are soaring. So it will be wise to get water-based lubes unless you wanted to dry yourself out. And if you happen to have episiotomy tales of yourself, then you will know it could hurt with having a vaginal revamp.

Just Ready Enough For Quickies:

Your baby has no knowledge of what you do in your bedroom. He will have questions as to how he arrived into the world for quite a good long time. But you start getting conscious as if someone is watching you. Minutes of quickies is all you can have during the postpartum days.

Stay In Love:

Oh, does it seem like you had been in love long ago? But love and mutual trust is all you need to help you and your partner see through the thick and thin of your sultry nights. Having said that, you must work towards getting in the mood. Shedding inhibitions, some foreplay and willingness to experiment will help you wade through the situation and get over the uncomfortable sex life. It might take weeks, months or even a year. You will soon be sprucing up the chemistry between you two eventually.

If you recently had a baby and thought you lost yourself in the deserted high school hallways, it’s not the best to be disheartened. With good care of yourself and some aplomb, you can reclaim the crown of enchantress that you once used to be!

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