Things To Consider If You Are Planning For A Second Child

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If you already have a child, you’ve probably learned a few ropes of parenting by now. And you might as well know how having a kid can turn your world upside down. All those hazy, exhausting sleep-deprived days after having your first child seems like a distant memory now and you might be considering having a second one. But it is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Unless you are a royalty or celebrity who is surrounded by nannies, the decision of having a second child requires some serious thought. It is important to consider all your options and resources realistically and then make an informed decision. Here are things you should consider before jumping into the bandwagon.

1) Is Your First Child Old Enough?

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If your first child is very young to understand anything, it is going to be tough for you to manage the responsibilities of both the kids. Having two young kids, your attention is going to constantly get divided between the two, more so toward the youngest one. If you are planning for a second child, make sure your first one is at least potty-trained and is old enough to understand why you are giving more attention to the second child.

2) Are You Financially Stable?

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Sure, babies are cute little bundles of joy. But they are also very expensive. It is not just the pregnancy and healthcare expenditures, once the baby is born, their needs are going to be never-ending. Since you are not a newbie to parenting, you will be a much smarter shopper this time and cut down on unnecessary expenses. You can also take hand-me-downs of your first child.

But there are other things to consider. Do you have the space and resources for another baby in your life? Is your apartment big enough for a second child? Would you have to move to a new home? Would you have to sacrifice on any of your goals and dreams?

3) Are You Physically Ready For This?

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Your physical condition and health are of the utmost importance when you are planning for a second child. Will your body be able to take all that comes with pregnancy and labor? Are you ready for the running around and the sleepless nights that are to follow? And this time it’s not just one, but two little souls that have to be taken care of. Your chances for rest and day-time naps will greatly diminish when your time and attention is divided between the two.

Also, many women make the mistake of thinking that they are going to relive the first pregnancy with their second child. Don’t make that mistake. If your first pregnancy was amazing and you had smooth labor, it can go completely different this time around. And vice-versa.

4) Will You Be Able To Manage Time Effectively?

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Time management is a valid worry for working moms who will have to juggle work, home, and baby single-handedly. If you have a helping hand or your family close by, then you might want to get their help too.

5) Can Your Mind Handle It?

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Are you ready for it emotionally? Do you want to have a second or are you succumbing to the pressure from your family, partner, or society? There are also other aspects to think such as how sure are you of your relationship with your partner. If not, are you ready to take the responsibilities of a new child in every way: physically, emotionally, and financially?

The decision of having a second child ultimately depends on you and your partner. If you are ready to embrace motherhood once again, talk to your doctor to discuss your health and pregnancy options. We wish you the best of luck.

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