Planning The Birth Of Twins: All You Need To Know

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Okay, picture this; you go for an ultrasound checkup in your first trimester, and the doctor tells you, you will be the mother of twins! We totally get it if you take a very long minute to register this, because, face it, it’s everything you have been planning for, plus 1! So it’s two cribs, two bottles, twice the feeding, burping, cleaning, and putting them to sleep! Once you have come to terms with what’s coming your way, the two bundles of joy will ensure you never have a dull moment in your life! While most people console themselves by saying twins aren’t different from single babies, the truth is, they cannot be more different. Carrying twins needs a different approach, which we have explained in this article. Read on to know them all.

The Birthing Plan

The Birthing Plan 

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One of the aspects of getting ready for a new baby is charting a birth plan. It serves as a roadmap for your pregnancy and expresses your desires and concerns to those close to you. It will not only assist you in being as knowledgeable as possible about your options, but it will also help others know how and where to assist you during this exciting and chaotic time. 

What To Expect When Expecting Twins

What To Expect When Expecting Twins

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Pregnancy problems such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and placental abruption are more common in twin pregnancies than single pregnancies (1). Carrying twins increases your risk of having a Cesarean since there are twice as many possibilities for the infant to be inverted, bridged, or sideways (2).

Strategies For Delivering Twins

Consider the following factors when you create your birth plan to prepare for the arrival of your kids.

1. Early Delivery

Early Delivery 

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Due to the possibility of twins arriving early, it is necessary to arrange for transportation. The sooner you talk to your doctor regarding where you’d like to give birth, the more prepared you will be if something goes wrong. Also, it is better to stay under the care of the same doctor as they are familiar with your case and will know what approach to take incase of an emergency.

2. Preferences While Giving Birth

You can consult with your doctor and ask for anything that makes you comfortable. Be it a birthing chair, tub, the lighting or allowance of anyone who makes you comfortable, you can get it arranged beforehand. Also, take note of pain treatment choices that may be necessary during birth.

A mother’s room can accommodate both her newborns if they are healthy enough. You may include many specific topics in your birth plans, such as if you want to give your little ones vitamin K or antibacterial eye drops (3). If you desire quick skin-to-skin touch, this should be addressed as well.

No matter what type of birth you plan to have, it should be discussed once your doctor lets you know about your medical history and health condition. If you have any preference, you should let your doctor know beforehand.

3. Medication For The Relief Of Discomfort

You can have epidural or other drugs that comfort you during delivery (4). However, if you feel any kind of discomfort, you should be able to talk about it to the medical professionals around you. 

4. Baby-Monitoring


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Due to the increased risk of fetal distress and cord tangles with twins, your doctor may be less inclined to turn off fetal monitoring during your pregnancy (5).

5. Feeding

No obstacle should stand in the way of your requesting to hold or breastfeed both of your newborns immediately after their arrival. Likewise, there is no reason why you can’t ask your practitioner not to do an episiotomy during a vaginal birth when both infants don’t come out at the same moment (6).

6. Pushing

Twin pregnancies are no more difficult to manage than those with a single child; the only difference is that it might be difficult to keep an eye on both babies at the same time when giving birth to the second.

7. Cesarean Requests

Cesarean Requests

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If you’re undergoing a Cesarean section, the only change in preparing a hospital birth for two is to ask for two free arms, one to hold each of your children!

As amazing as it can be to have two kids born simultaneously, taking care of them might make you twice as crazy! (Just kidding).  Being mentally prepared helps you deal with the challenges better. There can also be complications where one of the kids is healthy and the other needs intensive care for a few days. It may be heartbreaking to not be able to hold your baby right away, but it’s all for the better. Having twins makes you a power mom, and as the mother of twins, you literally fear nothing! So do you know anyone who is a mother of twins? Let us know in the comments section!

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