5 Postpartum Changes Men Should Expect

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After a new member is added to any family, the mother is inundated with advice and suggestions from almost everyone, including the gleaming mommies in her neighborhood, about the baby and life after a baby. However, poor daddy hardly gets any guidance in this matter. The birth of a baby changes the dynamics of a family, and the daddy needs to know how to adjust and accept the changes that he is about to witness, once the baby is born.

As a new dad, you must be aware of certain things that will prepare you to handle life post pregnancy. Here are a few things that can better prepare you for these changes after the birth of your child.

1. Not The Time To Get Into The Sack, Not Yet

You must be under the impression that once the baby is born you and your wife can get back to having sex like before. However, a woman’s body experiences several changes post delivery and she bleeds for up to six weeks, which can push sex out of the picture. So, you will have to wait some more time before you see some action again. You have managed well up till now, a few more weeks of patience is not going to be too hard, pun not intended.

2. She Will Have Mood Swings, Deal With It

It is very likely that you see your spouse laugh her head out with you one moment and shed tears the very next moment for no apparent reason. Don’t blame her; her hormones are the real culprit. After delivering a living being from her body, a woman’s hormones go berserk, which causes major mood swings. You may feel confused initially, but try to be more understanding towards her. She is more bamboozled than you are, so do not hold it against her for being so unpredictable.

3. You Will Not Be The Center Of Her Universe, So Stop Sulking

The little one in your family is entirely dependent on the mother for every little thing, and your better half feels more responsible towards the baby than to you. A few weeks after birth, the baby will be her point of focus, and she may not be able to pay as much attention to you or your needs. Do not resent her for the lack of care towards you. Your baby needs her more than you. So let her focus on the kid while you can take charge of other family responsibilities with a grin.

4. Lack Of Sleep, Embrace It

Your baby will cry in the middle of the night, and one of you will have to tend to her. Babies require round the clock attention. Your wife may have to wake up, even in the middle of the night, to breastfeed the child or to change diapers. All these activities around you may disrupt your sleep and leave you frustrated throughout the day. Try to understand the situation; babies do not know time or place. They are in a new environment and will take some time to get accustomed to it. Try to be more accommodative and not get angry about this.

5. Mamma Brain, Accept It

‘Pregnancy Brain’ is not just a myth. It is for real. Postpartum, women, are sleepy, sluggish, and even forgetful. But, this is quite natural, as postnatal women are overworked and sleep deprived. Additionally, the rising hormonal levels can leave her bewildered and lost. Having a lapse in memory is natural. Don’t worry, as it’s not permanent and your spouse shall be back to her usual self once she adjusts to the changes in her life. Don’t mock her for her forgetfulness. Your mocking might happen to be the only thing she will remember later. So save yourself the argument.

Hope this article helped you prepare for life post pregnancy. If you have any suggestions, then do tell us by commenting below.

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