Pregnancy At 5 Weeks: Signs And Symptoms

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If you’ve just discovered that you’re going to be a mommy, congratulations! Most women find out that they are pregnant around four to seven weeks of pregnancy (1). This is because a lot of them get the hint when they miss their periods. This is one of the most special feelings in the world and you’ve got to enjoy the moment. However, it’s also important to know about what to expect during this time of pregnancy and how you should take care of yourself and your baby.

Keep reading to know about the signs and symptoms of pregnancy at 5 weeks and how you can deal with the changes and needs of your body:

Morning Sickness And Nausea

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A lot of women don’t experience many changes in their bodies during this time. It’s just the time you’ve realized you’re having a new life growing inside you. Make sure you enjoy the moment to the fullest before the pregnancy issues start to kick in. About 50% of pregnant women experience morning sickness. It usually starts bothering you by the time you enter the 6th weak. So, it is a good idea to start learning about it and preparing to deal with it even when you’re in your 5th week (2).

Morning sickness doesn’t happen only in the morning, you can experience it during any time of the day and night. However, it wears off once you’re active through the day. During this week, you also feel nausea which is kind of like the best friend of morning sickness. Eat smaller, frequent meals throughout the day so that your stomach is neither empty nor too full. Drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated and also get plenty of rest throughout the day. Once you wake up in the morning, stay for an hour or so in the bed before getting out. This is also said to help ease morning sickness (3).

The Tummy Size

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Your tummy size may not be that visible during this time. It might just look like you’ve had a heavy meal or you’re bloated. The size of your baby is very small during this time. During the fifth week of pregnancy, your baby will be only about 3 millimeters long. This length is measured from the crown of the fetus’s head to the bottom of the rear end (CRL measurement). Your baby almost looks like a tadpole during the 5th week of pregnancy. However, the baby’s heart rate is following a steady rhythm by now, and the structures that form the eyes and ears are also developing. This is the time when the fetal skeleton starts to form as well (4).

What Do You Have To Do?

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If you’ve discovered that you’re pregnant during the 5th week with the help of a home pregnancy test kit, or if you’re just suspecting that you’re carrying, confirm the news. Fix an appointment with a good doctor and get it checked. The earlier you are sure about the baby, the better it is. Once you know that your little one is about to come, you can start to take care of things much better. Talk to your doctor about the prenatal vitamins and other supplements that you need to start consuming right away (5).

You need to make sure that you eat right during this time. Morning sickness, fatigue, and nausea that are common during this time may hinder your food habits. Remember that you’re doing it for not just yourself but also for the little baby growing inside you. You can ask your doctor to suggest a good diet and then stick to it during this time.

Another thing you need to be very careful about during this period is to take care of yourself and avoid falls. The majority of miscarriages happen during the first trimester of pregnancy and if you can help prevent it, you should try your best to do it. If you live on the first floor of the house, move to the ground floor. Avoid stairs as much as possible and also be careful about the slippery mats and bathroom floor (6).

When did you discover your pregnancy? How was your 5th week and what did you do to tackle the morning sickness and nausea? Let us know your tips and tricks in the comments section below.