Pregnancy Dreams Could Mean More Than What You Think

Pregnancy Dreams Could Mean More Than What You Think

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You might have had dreams about things happening to your physical body – losing hair, having all your teeth fall off, levitating in air…the list is endless. You will wonder whether these dreams mean anything and try approaching a dream analyst if something bothers you. You won’t go a step lower if you dreamed you were pregnant for that matter!

Dreaming about pregnancy is a very common occurrence. About 70 percent of women have been known to dream regularly about getting pregnant. The dream seems so vivid; you start wondering if you are already one.

However, experts say that having a dream of pregnancy doesn’t mean that you or someone known to you is pregnant or is about to get pregnant. Ally Mead, noted dream interpreter confirms about pregnancy-related dreams are indicators of creativity. Just as a woman creates a new life from within herself, so is the dream associated with a creative period, a creative prospect or craving for something creative that can involve an exciting new or renovation project scaling between home-based to large-scale artistic work.

Mead also associates a pregnancy dream to something that is yet to be presented to the world. She belives, for instance, that people whose desires and goals have been disowned or unfulfilled, or have a compromised career or objective, might have these pregnancy dreams. Here are few more outlines on pregnancy dreams:

  • It could represent new beginnings.
  • It could be symbolic of new relationships.
  • You might have chance of fulfilling that long-desired goal or ambition.
  • You might be going through a spiritual evolution.
  • You might simply be getting creative.
  • You are likely to attract more happy situations and events in life.
  • It may also mean that you are attracting changes for good in your life, but it might take some time for these positive changes to become public.
  • If you dream that someone else that you know is pregnant, it could hint at the growing bond between you too.
  • If you dream that your significant other is pregnant with someone else’s baby, it could be a symbol of you two drifting apart very soon with your common goals falling apart as well.
  • If you dream that you are taking a pregnancy test, it might indicate your fears of any changes that life is bringing to you. You are not prepared to embrace these changes. On the other hand, it might simply mean that you are not ready to get pregnant yet and are afraid of taking a pregnancy test – “What if it turns out positive?”
  • An ultrasound in a dream might mean finding a new job, moving to a new city or a new accommodation or filling
  • up a new role or getting pregnant very soon.
  • Dreams about going into labor might mean trying to let your emotions go.
  • Dreams about premature labor signifies your unpreparedness to embark on a new venture.
  • In your dream, if you see yourself ending up at a hospital for delivery, it might signify your need to delegate your task to someone else and fit into new shoes – perhaps in a new project.
  • A dream about giving birth might mean your objective being materialized with a lot of effort.
  • If you dream of going through a C-section, it would mean that you will not be able to get the project going through a one-man-show. You will need multiple hands to keep it going.
  • Some pregnant women have the bizarre and scary dream of giving birth to a non-human. It only means that you are worried about child’s health.
  • Seeing an umbilical cord in your dream means that you need some mentoring or moral support. It could also mean a deep association with your mother.
  • If you see a placenta in your dream, it means that you will have to do away with some unnecessary burden.
  • Dreams about a miscarriage, an abortion or not having a baby only signifies your fears of failure and disappointment and hindrances or blockages towards your progress. If you are indeed pregnant a dream of miscarriage might signify that you are anxious about the safety of your baby inside you. If you dream that somebody else has an abortion, it means that your relationship with that person might go through some changes soon.
  • If you actually see a baby, it is a positive sign of growth, good tidings and abundance. A crying baby might indicate your need for personal attention. A walking or a dancing baby means that life has great surprises in store for you.
  • If you dream about feeding a baby, it might mean that a situation needs nurturing and good influences. If you dream of bottle feeding a baby, it might be indicative of too much dependence on others which you might have to cut down. If you dream of a baby that is starving, it is a sign of some sort of deficiency in a certain area in your life that needs to be paid attention to resolved quickly.
  • Finding someone else’s baby in your dream means you recognize your own potential.
  • If you dream of a situation where you forget you had a baby, it is indicative of the fact that you want others to overlook your weakness and vulnerabilities.
  • If you dream of changing a baby’s diapers, it is a hint at cleaning up any mess in your life that must happened due to negligence or childlike behavior. It might also call for an attitude change.
  • You could actually be making a baby very soon!

Surprisingly some men might also have dreams of they getting pregnant. Ally Mead has had her male clients come to her with pregnancy dreams. Such dreams might be associated with the ‘universal symbol of fertility.’ She says,“ Since becoming a mother is one of the more socially accepted ways women get to experience and wield power, it can be a very rich and varied territory for dream analysis.” Pregnancy dreams might also have to do with something that has been left inside that is yet to be expressed or manifest.

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