Why Pregnancy Makes You Beautiful

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Pregnancy is a beautiful ride, there’s no doubt about it. But it comes with bouts of anxiety, sadness, and feelings of insecurity creeping in every now and then. Women tend to focus on the increasing waistline, stretch marks, and other not-so-pleasant changes. But pregnancy makes you beautiful too. Wait, WHAT? Confusing, isn’t it?

Yes, there’s a life growing inside you. And yes, it’s incredible and beautiful all at the same time. But we aren’t talking about that. Pregnancy actually makes you look beautiful too. And, of course, feel beautiful. Believe it or not, pregnancy has its own perks, and we’re sure all pregnant ladies would love it.

The Much-Hyped Pregnancy Glow Is Real

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“Pregnancy Glow”- these are two terms everybody loves to hear when they are pregnant. We hear people rave about the glow they saw on a pregnant lady while at the supermarket. And we instantly become jealous- there’s no denying it, even we want it for ourselves. And the glow is real, my ladies. A list of factors can attribute to the pregnancy glow.

The hormonal changes and the gush of blood flow to the blood vessels can make us look all glowy (1). The hormonal fluctuations can cause the skin glands to produce more oil, resulting in a shiny appearance. And the increase in blood flow can make you look flushed. So you can save up on blush during your pregnancy days.

No More Bad Hair Days

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Your hair is going to look a lot better than usual during your pregnancy. At least that’s one less problem to worry about when you are getting ready. We hear pregnant women say how they miss their pregnancy hair when it was all shiny and perfect. You will be blessed with a fabulous set of hair as they will grow and become thicker during this period (2). However, know that your hair will return to normal 6 months post pregnancy. So, enjoy it while it lasts, ladies.

Longer Nails

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Pregnancy can make your nails grow faster. But it can also make them brittle (3). So if you wish to keep your nails longer and pretty, take good care of them so that they don’t break off easily. Or, you can spoil yourself in the salon by getting a manicure and pedicure.

Your Breasts Will Increase In Size

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Your breasts will continue to increase in size during your pregnancy (4). You may go up a cup size or two. You can wear your low cut dresses and necklines to flaunt some cleavage during your pregnancy.

More Love And Care From Your Partner

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Your partner may be showering you with love because you are pregnant. They will be extra attentive and caring to you during this time. Your man may also be loving your new body. They tend to see the sultriness in soft curves and growing breasts. Seeing you pregnant will remind them of their masculinity as well.

Chivalry Is Not Dead When You Are Pregnant

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People start being more kind towards you. You may notice them giving up their seat in buses and trains. They volunteer to help you out by holding your pile of grocery bags. They pick up your keys if you drop it on the floor. Of course, you cannot expect it at all times from everyone. But things sure get a lot easier when you have a baby bump. Only if it could last longer!

Do things that make you happy and feel beautiful inside out. It could be anything that brings a smile on your face or simply keeps you sane. Dress up in outfits that you love. Bright rainbow colors, short skirts, low plunge dresses or maxis- anything that you like. You can flaunt your curves, cleavage or those gorgeous legs. Pamper yourself a bit by getting a facial or a manicure. You can also go for shopping if that’s your thing. Also, eat healthy and exercise if your doctor allows you to. You can take a stroll in the park or your favorite place every day and stay fit. You can also catch up with your friends over lunch to lift your mood.

Not every woman is going to experience pregnancy in the same way. Some women may find that their skin has no glow but instead find themselves dealing with acne. But it’s important to focus on the positive, like no periods in those 9 months. Isn’t that something to cheer about?

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