15 Pregnancy Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

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Pregnant women can go from smiling to crying in split seconds. Thanks to their crazy hormones, they can go ‘aww’ at a puppy and break into tears. That’s what pregnancy does. It is exciting, yes, but it is tiring and feels like an eternal journey. What keeps an expectant mom going is the beautiful outcome of the journey. In the midst of these raging hormones, pregnancy sure gives room for a lot of unsolicited advice and humor.

Here are 17 pregnancy memes that are funny and absolutely relatable.


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Dreaming of pregnancy photo shoots? It’s time for a quick reality check. You might just end up a couch potato eating cheese balls.


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Nausea and morning sickness, translates into a day long sickness!


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Everyone is out there basking in the sunshine in glamourous outfits, while the lady with the bump is walking around with constant fatigue.


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You are too tired to do anything in life, including getting dressed!


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Of course, you can balance stuff on that pretty bump of yours!


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Who wants to shop for shoes with perpetually swollen feet? Is there any size that fits them at all?


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While everybody is enjoying their weekend, you are beating nausea, vomiting, and morning sickness.


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Pregnancy is a period of being in hostage, I mean you are the hostage in your own body.


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The lovely feeling of the baby kicking you can be annoying sometimes!


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Of all the things, which are quite obvious, never ask a woman if she is pregnant.


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Are there any good days in pregnancy? There maybe, but just like your entire body, your brain is thoroughly exhausted! BuzzFeed


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The third trimester seems like an eternity, the days just don’t seem to pass.


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Having sex is supposed to induce early labor. At least men would like to believe so. Men will be men! They don’t want to miss out any chance of indulging in sex.


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Sleeping peacefully would be the last thing on your mind! And even if you did sleep, you’d barely pass the one hour mark!


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Space constraint does not exist in your dictionary! You will want all of the available space and more!

Whether it’s inviting unsolicited advice or pregnancy humor, take it with a pinch of salt. You most often forget everything once you have your little one in your arms, and look out for the bright, new days ahead.

Hope you had a good time laughing out loud reading these pregnancy memes.

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