7 Pregnancy Shaving Tips, Because Personal Hygiene Is Getting Harder These Days

More or less, every pregnant woman forgoes the thought of shaving her legs somewhere around her eighth month of pregnancy. You can count yourself lucky if this coincides with the winter season and your maternity woolen clothes hide all that hair. However, if it’s the summers, you might have an unshakable thought of getting rid of the overgrown hair on your legs. At times, it’s not even for all the superficial reasons but just to maintain a basic hygiene. But, this exercise can be pretty cumbersome for obvious reasons. Fortunately, there are a few pregnancy shaving tips which can make your experience just a teeny tiny less miserable.

Here, we bring you seven shaving tips that can help you a great deal during your pregnancy, especially in the last trimester:

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1. Buy The Best Stuff Out There

That dull razor is not going to do you any good, mate! Buy a new razor with fresh and clean blades. Please try and replace it as often as you can. Also, don’t reach out for your husband’s shaving cream (even if you are feeling lazy). Remember, you are pregnant and you deserve the softest shaving gel available in the market. The best stuff out there will not only reduce the chances of you getting those small cuts and nicks but will also make you feel extremely pampered!

2. Breathe! And, Take Your Time!


Shaving is going to be a little more difficult than usual. Those hard-to-reach places will take you a lot more time. But, don’t get worked up. Make sure you take out plenty of time just for this. Also, don’t go for a dry shave. Wait; buy a shaving gel; then get to business! Your skin can be pretty sensitive during pregnancy and a dry shave might give you rashes.

3. Old Is Gold

As we said earlier, your skin can be extremely sensitive during pregnancy. So, now is not the time to experiment with your after-shave lotions. A lotion that can help you with your ingrown hair might sound fancy. But, anything with unfamiliar ingredients might give you unwanted side effects. So, when you are pregnant, go for your regular old lotion to calm your skin and prevent any redness after shaving.

4. Mandatory Support System


Okay, we are not talking about an emotional support here. But, the actual physical support to ensure you don’t lose your balance. Pregnancy may mess with your balance and you might feel dizzy too sometimes. So, when you are getting ready to shave, make sure you have something strong and sturdy to sit on. You just need to be a little alert. If you feel even a little out of balance, change your position.

5. Have A Bath Right Before

A warm water bath can do wonders for you. It can provide you complete relief from the incessant pregnancy pains. Also, taking a bath can soften your skin, making it easier to shave. Just make sure that the bath is not too hot as it may make you feel dizzier!

6. Mirror, Mirror!


Somewhere along the pregnancy, your baby bump will pop out. And, the bump will make it hard for you to see down there properly. The closer you get to your due date, the harder it gets. Till it becomes quite impossible. So, what do you use when you need to shave down there? A hand-held mirror will surely help!

7. Ask For Help

Of course, you can’t ask a stranger to shave your private parts. But, a sister whom you are really close to might be ready to help. In fact, there are husbands or partners who might be ready to help you out too. So don’t be shy. If the going gets tough, ask for help!

Just keep these tips in mind when you are on your next shaving expedition. It just might make things a little bit easier. All the soon-to-be mothers out there, go for it!

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