7 Pregnancy Symptoms That Are Both Funny And Weird

Pregnancy Symptoms That Are Both Funny And Weird

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Some pregnancy symptoms result in us either cringing or rolling around the floor in a fit of laughter. We don’t mean to be offensive. And to be fair a lot of pregnant women themselves laugh at one another – what else can you do?

Sure, a lot of pregnant women have that infamous glow, but on in the inside, they’re trying not to fart so you don’t freak out! The fact is that no matter how you look and feel during pregnancy, you will have a bunch of weird and hilarious pregnancy symptoms. You might even be embarrassed to tell your family and your very own doctor about them! So, let’s get into those weird symptoms and see if any of you out there can relate.

1. Lactose Intolerant

One woman, during her first trimester, for some reason became very lactose intolerant. The slightest bit of milk sent her running to the toilet so she could throw it all up. Pair that with morning sickness and you have a to-be mom living in her bathroom. Okay, this is more bizarre than funny, but we just had to include it!

2. Crime Scene

As most of you may know, pregnant women have an increased blood volume, which can result in nosebleeds and bleeding gums. One woman, for example, was terrified while brushing her teeth because her sink looked like an actual crime scene. We’re not talking about the little bit blood that happens when you brush too hard, we’re talking proper oozing gums.

3. Pregnant Women Leak

Let’s face it. During pregnancy, if you have to sneeze, cough, or laugh too hard you will most probably pee yourself. After all that intake of liquids and a baby sitting on your bladder, you can’t help it. For example, here’s a mom’s hilarious experience: “I was at the mall trying on maternity clothes and I sneezed and peed on myself… and on the clothes! You pee on it, you buy it?”

4. Superpowers

Surely you know about how pregnant women have a heightened sense of smell and an aversion to certain foods. This occurs because it’s the mother’s body’s way of saying those foods and smells aren’t good for her or the baby. However, here’s when this superpower (if you will) gets funny as a mommy-to-be says, “My nose is now able to tell if someone has been drinking any alcohol in the past 24 hours because they now exude a metallic odor! This was not pleasant to realize on a Saturday morning Zumba class when all the other ladies were sweating out their Friday night debauchery.”

5. Breaking Wind

Very common symptoms of pregnancy are bloating, painful cramping, and of course, the desperate need to break wind i.e. fart! Picturing a woman farting against her will, aren’t you? This happens because pregnancy makes the intestines slower thanks to all the progesterone. However, to avoid an embarrassing situation maybe watch out for the usual gassy foods such as, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, corn, onions, and carbonated beverages.

6. Snore Galore

Perhaps this is a lesser-known pregnancy symptom, but did you know that pregnant women snore like trumpets? We’re talking brutally loud snores! You may want to warn your roommate in advance. Sadly, it’s not your fault, ladies. Blame the hormones that swell up your mucus membranes. This results in a congested nose, which requires you to breathe through your mouth.

7. Man Voice?!

Again, this might be a lesser-known pregnancy symptom. Your voice may sound a little raspy or it may sound a little deeper, perhaps a few octaves lower. This change also shows in your singing voice. This occurs again because of those pesky pregnancy hormones, which swell your vocal cords. Better give the necessary parties a heads up!

Along with making you laugh, we hope the above symptoms gave you a better insight into pregnancy.

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