15 Tweets About Pregnancy That Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

Tweets About Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is not a happy phase for every mom-to-be. Sure, you are excited about having a baby that is your flesh and blood, but sometimes pregnancy downright sucks. Ask any mom or mom-to-be and they would tell you all the funny and strange things they had to endure to bring their baby into the world. Continue reading the post as we have compiled a list of tweets about pregnancy that are sure to make you laugh.

1. Don’t Talk Carbs To A Pregnant Woman

Don't Talk Carbs To A Pregnant Woman

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Don’t ever tell a pregnant woman what they can and cannot eat. Unless of course, you are her OB-GYN. But even then you are not safe from facing her wrath.

2. When Faking It Gets You Nowhere

When Faking It Gets You Nowhere

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Let’s be honest, we have all thought of faking pregnancy so that someone would offer up their seat for us. But how rude is it that people won’t give up their seat to a pregnant lady. Where are your manners, people?

3. The Curious Case Of Pregnancy Brain

The Curious Case Of Pregnancy Brain

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Being pregnant can fog your brain and you end up doing silly and stupid things. But at least you didn’t leave the TV remote in the refrigerator and searched for it the whole day.

4. What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas…

What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas

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…Or so we wish.

5. When One Jar Of Pickle Doesn’t Cut It For You

When One Jar Of Pickle Doesn't Cut It For You

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Pregnancy makes you crave all sorts of things. So make sure your fridge is always stocked with pickles, fries, and ice cream.

6. He Derserved It

He Derserved It

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If you had the audacity to call a pregnant woman (or any woman) fat, then be prepared for sneezers.

7. Finally! Someone Speaking With Logic

Finally! Someone Speaking With Logic

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Not everyone is happy about seeing the two pink lines. And it would be better if we could decide if it’s a positive or a negative thing than the kit making that decision for us.

8. When Your Hormones Are All Over The Place

When Your Hormones Are All Over The Place

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When you are pregnant, your hormones will take you for a ride. You will experience the entire spectrum of emotions in a day and there’s no holding back. Haven’t we all sobbed at a commercial or a cat video while pregnant?

9. What’s With The Incessant Belly Touching?

What's With The Incessant Belly Touching

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We all know she didn’t become pregnant by herself. You don’t have to constantly touch her belly and be by her side to prove it.

10. Honest Pregnancy Test Commercials

Honest Pregnancy Test Commercials

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Unless you were planning on becoming pregnant, those two pink lines may have come as a shock rather than a surprise for most of us. Unlike how it is shown in the advertisements, instead of being overjoyed we would be in a state of shock which is then followed by panic and tears.

11. Baby Pee

Baby Pee

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Umm, from what we know, babies do pee inside the womb. And yes, everyone pees in the pool.

12. Those Little Kicks and Flutters

Those Little Kicks and Flutters

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Pregnant women can’t wait for their baby to start kicking. It is one of the most joyous moments in the whole nine months and it gives you the assurance that your baby is healthy and moving.

13. When Ever Your Husband Makes You Nauseous

When Ever Your Husband Makes You Nauseous

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But at least she was polite enough not to say it to your face. Morning sickness is probably the worst thing about pregnancy and every mom can vouch for this fact.

14. Chop, Chop!

Chop Chop

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Yes, it was beautiful and magical for you. Because you weren’t the one who had to squeeze a watermelon-sized baby out of your lady hole.

15. The One Thing You Have In Common

hing You Have In Common

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The postnatal period is the least glamorous of all with mesh panties, leaky breasts, and maternity bras.

Aren’t these tweets relatable AF? Do you have any favorites? Let us know in the comments.

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