Pregnancy Weeks 19 To 27 – Here’s What Happens Inside You

Pregnancy Weeks 19 To 27

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Now that we’re in the middle of your second trimester let’s take a look at what all takes place until week 27.

Week 19:

Your baby’s kidneys continue to produce urine, which weirdly enough the baby swallows, as it’s part of the amniotic fluid. The baby’s senses develop well as the nerve cells involved grow larger and become more complex in specialized parts of the brain.

This is when you might begin to feel your baby’s movements because most women feel their baby moving between week 18 and 20.

Week 20:

A thick white-ish substance called vernix caseosa (also aids in childbirth) covers your baby to protect its skin while in the amniotic fluid. To practice their digestive system, babies start to swallow more. Once they swallow the amniotic fluid, water gets absorbed, and the rest goes into the bowel.

At this point, you have to ensure your baby is making enough red blood cells by eating a healthy diet and getting enough iron (amongst other things).

Week 21:

Your baby’s eyebrows and eyelids are fully developed, which means they can now blink!

You might begin to feel your baby moving around in your belly. Prepare yourself because this movement is only the beginning. There’s plenty more action on the way because the soft fluttery movements can turn into full-fledged kicks. That being said, this may result in you understanding your baby’s activity and behavior.

Week 22:

Now your baby is getting heavier, but lots more weight gain needs to be done, so the skin loses its translucent appearance. Otherwise, the lips are distinct, and the pancreas begins to develop, which will eventually produce hormones.

Even though it’s still early, there might be signs of teeth as tooth buds will appear beneath the gums.

Week 23:

Your baby’s hearing has officially kicked off. Your little one may be able to hear your voice, your heartbeat, and the noises your tummy makes. A quick side note – your baby is used to weird sounds that are similar to a vacuum cleaner or a dog barking, so don’t worry about scaring them once they’re born. In fact, they may even find it comforting. Otherwise, a lot of people encourage you to listen to classic music, which apparently babies enjoy while in the womb.

In addition to your baby’s hearing, the lungs continue to develop in order to prepare your baby for breathing.

Weeks 24 and 25:

This is when taste buds are fully developed and when fingerprints form! The lungs now develop branches from the respiratory tree. The following week, the wrinkled skin mentioned earlier will now smooth out thanks to the weight gain. Also, the baby’s senses improve greatly.

Week 26:

At 26 weeks, your baby’s brain scans will show that it responds to touch! For example, if you shine a light on your tummy, your baby will respond by turning its head. This means that the optic nerve is working. Cool, huh? Regarding hearing, your baby can now hear you and another person talking. Breathing practice is still continuing, so as you can see, there’s lots of preparation going on for the big day.

Ensure you’re still getting enough nutrition because these are the vital stages that further your baby’s growth and brain development.

Week 27:

Your baby can now officially open and close and their eyes. Oh, they can even sleep and wake up at regular intervals, which you may be able to notice and understand. Some experts and studies suggest that babies can even dream by week 27! If so, sweet dreams to them.

Don’t worry; more milestones are yet to come, just ensure to keep checking.

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