9 Hacks Every Pregnant Woman Needs To Know

9 Hacks Every Pregnant Woman Needs To Know

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Congratulations on the baby on board! Now that you are pregnant, you must be looking for ways to make your pregnancy go a little smoother. Pregnancy can be a bumpy journey *pun intended* for any mum, and certain life hacks can be lifesaving for this time of your time. With your growing body and your changing needs, these life hacks will not only make your life easier but will also be light on your wallet. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the 9 most important pregnancy hacks every pregnant woman is going to want to know.

1. Keep Your Bra In Freeze Mode

Keep Your Bra In Freeze Mode

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It can get really sweaty under your bra when you have a tiny person growing inside you. And if you are someone living in a warm climate, it goes without saying how much sweaty it can get under there. So, keeping your bra in the freezer is a great hack to provide you some temporary relief.

2. Bra Extenders For Your Old Bras

After you enter into your second trimester, chances are your old bras won’t fit you anymore. And if you feel that your cup size hasn’t increased but just that you’ve grown in size, you can still wear your old bras with a simple trick. Instead of buying new bras, you can buy a couple of back extenders at any craft store and simply attach it to your bras.

3. Disabled Parking Placard

Disabled Parking Placard 

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If you are heavily pregnant and really exhausted, you may not prefer walking long distances for a simple run to the grocery store. Well, you are in luck because some states issue a temporary disabled parking placard if you have got the doctor’s note with you. So check with your doctor and see if you can avail it for yourself. But most importantly, make sure not to misuse it.

4. Crackers And Lemonade For Morning Sickness

Crackers And Lemonade For Morning Sickness

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Keep some crackers near your bedside table so that you can take small bites of it after you wake up. Drinking lemonade with some salt and sugar might also help you to combat morning sickness.

5. Stretchy Sports Bra Instead Of Maternity Bras

Stretchy Sports Bra Instead Of Maternity Bras

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Instead of spending a lot on maternity bras, you can purchase good quality stretchy sports bra that will give your girls the right support it needs. These bras are also comfortable and you don’t have to worry about one of your girls popping out in the middle of a chore. They will also be your perfect companion during prenatal yoga or pregnancy workout.

6. Leggings


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We get it, you love your jeans. But nothing will give you more comfort than leggings during those preggo days. So make sure to leave some space on your wardrobe for a pair of leggings. Believe you me, you will thank us later.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar For Breakouts

Apple Cider Vinegar For Breakouts

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Apple cider vinegar is believed to help with pregnancy acne. Mix three parts water with 1 part apple cider and dip a cotton ball into the mixture. Apply the mix to your skin using the cotton ball where ever you have breakouts. You can dilute it more if you have sensitive skin.

8. Epsom Salt Or Bananas For Leg Cramps

Epsom Salt Or Bananas For Leg Cramps

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Expecting moms may experience leg cramps during pregnancy. Though staying hydrated and stretching are the best ways to prevent muscle cramps, taking a warm bath with Epsom salt is also known to be effective (1). Eating bananas is also believed to be another great remedy as it contains all the essential minerals.

9. Prenatal Yoga For Nausea

Prenatal Yoga For Nausea

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If you are suffering from nausea during pregnancy, check with your doctor and try prenatal yoga as it may help you in feeling better.

We hope our post is going to be helpful to you in sailing through this pregnancy in a better and more efficient way. Try our hacks and let us know how it turns out!

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