The 10 Most Promising Baby Names Of The Next Decade

When naming our precious bundle of joy, we want nothing but the best! You’re probably looking for a name that will be well-loved, even in the long run. We often come across names that have stood the test of time — and will continue to do so, given how brilliant they are.

Names that look promising will often have beautiful meanings attached to them and sound great. We’ve compiled a list of the ten most promising names that will make it well into the next decade. We hope you like them and find the right one that suits your child perfectly! So, without further ado, here goes:

1. Levi

Levi has always been a well-known name, thanks to the top American clothing company that goes by the same name, and it continues to be a great moniker of choice for many. However, Levi was a popular name long before the retail magnate came into power. It is a Biblical name — Levi was one of the sons of Biblical figures Leah and Jacob. The name Levis exudes a traditional, relaxed, and charming vibe. It means “to be united” or “joined together”. It is also believed to mean “join together in harmony” in some regions.

2. Alayna


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One of the most charming names for a baby girl, Alayna was a well-loved moniker in the ’90s, and it is predicted to be reigning in all its glory well into the next decade too. Alayna happens to be a trendy variation of the names Aleena, Alanis, Alanna, and Alaine. It is also believed that Alayna is the feminine version of Alan. This name has Greek roots, where it means “precious”. That makes for a precious name for your precious baby!

3. Raphael


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A mighty name that is loved by most, Raphael is all set to be the name of choice for many in the next decade. According to its Hebrew roots, Raphael means “God has healed”. The name Raphael has a stronghold in Christianity — it is the name of one of the seven archangels. This angel is best known for his power of healing, which is probably why the name means “God has healed”.

4. Anastasia


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It is hard to find a name as sweet and elegant as Anastasia. The lovely name has Greek roots, although it is pretty common in Russia too. The meaning of the name Anastasia is “resurrection”. The Greeks believed that it was derived from the male version, Anastasius. Several early Christians found the name appealing and often named their daughters Anastasia if they were born on or before Easter, as it falls in line with the resurrection of Christ.

5. Chester


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If you’re looking for a classy and quirky name, one that is stylish yet cute at the same time, then you should opt for Chester. The name Chester has Latin roots, meaning “walled down”. It may also mean “a fortress”. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Chester was a hot favorite; however, it slipped off the popularity list soon after. The name is slowly making its way back into the list and looks promising, especially in the next decade.

6. Maeve


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We can’t get enough of this beautiful French baby girl name! According to its French roots, Maeve means “to welcome”. It has the same meaning in Tahiti as well. However, the name has different meanings in different regions. For example, if you go by its Celtic roots, it would mean “intoxicating. In Madagascar, the name Maeve means “beautiful”. Irrespective of where it’s come from, this name is sure to make it to the next decade, given how lovely it sounds!

7. Abel


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A simple but profound name, Abel has always been a classic. It happens to be a Biblical name, and it means “breath”. It could also mean “vapor”. Abel was a noteworthy figure in the Bible — a man who did good but was killed by his brother Cain. It is believed to be derived from the Hebrew name Hevel.

8. Margot


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The French love the name Margot, and for a good reason — it is beautiful, stylish, and sophisticated. Margot, according to its French roots, means “pearl”. There are different ways to spell Margot, such as Margo and Margaux. Margot also happens to be a variation of the name Margaret.

9. Rio


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It’s surprising how fast this location-based name is gaining popularity. It is the name of a city in Brazil, but that is not all. Rio is also a popular name given to many girls in Japan. According to its Japanese origins, the name means “a place of many cherry blossoms”. The name also has Portuguese and Spanish roots, where it means “river”. Rio is a gender-neutral name.

10. Idris


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We love how unique and mysterious this name sounds! Idris is an Arabic name that means “smart” or “studious”. The people of Islam believe that Idris was one of their prophets — in fact, they believe that Idris was the first person to write. The name also has Welsh roots.

Given how wonderful these names sound, there is no doubt that they will be popular for a long time! These names are deep-rooted in history, and we are sure your child will love them. Which one did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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