The Pros And Cons Of A Summer Pregnancy

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Comfortable kaftans, pool view, and a glass of chilled lemonade go well together! Heartburn and indigestion, not so much!

Jeez! The summer season has always been about sipping beverages on ice, having delectable homemade fruit-based ice cream, and some alone time in the backyard. But last summer looked a whole lot different. Since I was expecting my first baby, I was bound to do everything according to my new routine. I mean, I had to, considering my pregnancy came with a lot of complications. So I watched my every step and decided to tread lightly.

The heat can sometimes be overbearing, especially for pregnant women — be it morning sickness or constipation, or the constant urge to urinate. While the heat can make pregnancy more challenging, it’s not all bad.

Don’t believe us just yet?

Here’s a list of the pros and cons of a summer pregnancy and what you can do to keep up with your new hormonal urges!

The Cons

The Transition To Motherhood Isn’t Easy

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All said and done, while pregnancy is a beautiful time for mothers, the transition to motherhood isn’t easy, especially when you are trying to fit into skinny shorts and tank tops to beat the heat! Making tiny adjustments is often more troubling than taking the next big step to change.

The Inevitable Budget Constraints

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Let’s admit it, we don’t see it coming at the beginning of a pregnancy, but cutting down on costs sometimes is inevitable. And what makes it more chaotic is when getting house help or a cook isn’t in the budget. So you’re just busting your back doing the household chores in the heat. Been there, felt the pain. Lucky for me, my sister eventually turned up to help out.

The Workout Game Is Stressful

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Pregnant women are advised to keep up with their health and fitness. But summer pregnancy isn’t all that fun, as adapting to the heat is part of the deal. So waking up early in the morning to step out or after sundown is the ideal option.

The Need To Use The Restroom More Often

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Pregnant women tend to visit the washroom more often. But this urge is heightened during summers as our body is dehydrated too quickly. So to keep up, we gulp water and devour on other items to stay hydrated. And as we all know, running to the bathroom with a pregnant belly is no easy task.

The Pros

Access To Fresh Fruits & Beverages

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During summers, we have ample access to fresh fruits and other produce. So carving all the food cravings is on the cards! Be it baking a homemade vegetable lasagna or ordering in from the favorite dessert place — explore the cravings one meal at a time.

Getting Enough Vitamin D

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Now we wouldn’t suggest you head out for a stroll during the glaring heat. But the sun produces Vitamin D, which is an essential nutrient for your body. It helps build strong bones and helps the body maintain a decent level of calcium and phosphate. So whenever possible, get out there and get some exposure to the nutrient. It will be good for you and your baby (1).

Staying Hydrated Is A Cakewalk

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This one comes with mixed emotions. While the urge to pee is heightened, it also falls in the bracket of pros. Water carries nutrients from the food and beverages to the baby and further helps prevent constipation and other bladder infections. So it is recommended to consume at least 10 cups of fluids a day during pregnancy, which doesn’t come easy during other seasons. Just keep away from sugary drinks as they can trigger weight gain (2).

Falling Asleep Is Relatively Easy

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Since our bodies are often more exhausted due to excessive heat, falling asleep isn’t very difficult. Now this one is a pro only in some cases as it also depends on the pregnancy. Some complications can often make it difficult to hit the hay. Visit your healthcare provider if you have trouble sleeping due to any kind of body ache or uneasiness. But if not, sleep like a baby with yours keeping you company (in your belly).

It’s never easy to weigh out the pros and cons of a pregnancy. Be it during summers or otherwise. But we need to find ways to keep going and make the most out of our days, as pregnancy is a life-changing event.