Put Your Baby To Sleep With This Simple One Minute Trick

Putting a baby to sleep is like winning a battle. We have often heard mommies talk about how their nocturnal babies are at their hyper best as the clock strikes midnight. They want to play, dance, blabber and participate in every possible activity when tired parents are about to doze off.

But what if we tell you there is a magic massage that will put your baby to sleep in just one minute?

Yes. It exists. And no, we are not kidding!

This face massage will ensure that your little bundle of energy is transported to dreamland in just one minute. All you need to make sure is that your baby is dressed comfortably, fed well and is in a cozy place – preferably mommy’s lap.

A French magazine Pour Nous Femmes shared this one and a half minute clip where a mum effortlessly puts her baby to sleep using a hypnotic massage technique. The video gained popularity in no time as it struck a chord with sleep-deprived mothers around the world. After being uploaded on Facebook, it got three million views and 50,000 shares.

It’s amazing how this mom moves her fingers on her baby’s head, face, forehead and back of the head till he dozes off in no time. What’s even more surprising is that the baby falls asleep in spite of the television being on and all that light in the room.

For every mother who has spent hours putting her baby to sleep, this is surely going to be a breakthrough moment. Go ahead, the secret is waiting to be revealed!

Wasn’t that simple? Or at least it seemed to be. All it took were a few gentle finger strokes on the baby’s face and zizz he goes to sleep!

So here’s a detailed version of the one -minute face massage that can induce instant sleep in babies:

Wash your hands with baby soap and make sure your nails are trimmed. The fragrance of baby soap will be familiar to the baby and cutting of nails will make sure the massage does not cause any irritation.
Snuggle the baby in your lap or a comfortable place. You can begin the massage once the baby is settled.

Touch the baby’s head gently with the tip of your fingers and start moving them around the head and back. Gradually move your fingers to the baby’s face and forehead. Use your thumb and forefinger to do this. Massage in circular motion. When the baby is calm, slow the pace but keep your fingers moving in a perfect rhythm. Make sure you are not massaging the same place over and over again. It might cause irritation. Keep shifting your fingers from back of the head to front of the face, around the eyebrows, forehead and slide down to the neck. Humming your baby’s favorite lullaby could make the massage even more effective. With this simple trick, you will witness your little one snoozing off in no time.

Though this hypnotic technique is gaining popularity on the Internet only now, mothers and grandmothers have been practicing it for years. Watching babies sleep peacefully is the most fulfilling sight for any mother. And the effort that goes in experiencing this feeling is unexplainable.

So dear new mommy, a lot of love, comfortable setup and this simple trick is your passport to a good nights sleep.

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