7 Questions Asked By Children That Always Leave Parents Baffled

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Children think in a way which is very different from adults. They are curious souls who love to find answers to anything that pricks their innocent, inexperienced minds. At times, the questions are fairly simple. But, then there are times when kids ask questions that can leave their parents completely stumped.

Has this ever happened to you? Can you relate to this? While you might feel like running for cover every time your little ones ask you such a question, it may not be the best idea. Kids can be pretty sensitive, and thus, realize when they are being ignored or lied to. Are you wondering how you are supposed to react to such scenarios then? After all, it can be pretty embarrassing. Don’t worry, we are here to prepare you for any such possible awkwardness. Here, we bring you some of the questions that can leave you baffled (and how you can probably react):

1. How Did I Come Into This World?


While this question might make you pretty uncomfortable, be honest with them. Of course, you don’t have to get into the intricacies of it. How about something on these lines? Your mommy and daddy love each other so they share things with one another. They can also share cells, which is how you arrived into your mom’s belly. When you were small, you swam around like a fish. But, with time, we got eager to meet you. You had also become big so you were ready to meet us too. And, voila, you made a grand entry!

2. Why Are Girls And Boys Different?


Kids being curious about why they are different from each other ‘down there’ is pretty normal. So, you have no reason to hesitate when you are answering this question. One thing that you can try and explain is that boys and girls are different so that they can bring a new sweet, little person (just like them) into the world.

3. Is Mom Going To Be My Future Bride?


It is quite normal for boys to have this question in their mind at a very young age. Especially, when they discover about marriage. All you have to do is gently tell them ‘no’. Perhaps, tell them how every person in their life has a different role to play. And, how he will find someone beautiful for himself when he grows older. Reassure him that you’ll continue to love him and care for him all your life and nothing will change that.

4. Why Do You Both Fight?

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Kids tend to feel guilty when they find their parents arguing. It is just how they subconsciously feel. What is important for you to ensure is that they understand that it is nothing to do with them. It is not really their fault. And explain to them that you patch up later because you love each other despite the argument.

5. Do You Love Me More?


When kids have siblings, they often wonder who their parents love more. It is essential that you make them understand how you love all your kids equally. In fact, also try not to compare them with each other irrespective of their failures and successes.

6. Is The Doctor Going To Hurt Me?


The doctor visits can be pretty tricky since kids don’t know what to expect. Take some time out and explain how doctors will help them heal. Don’t scare them more. Or laugh at them even if it’s because they are looking cute. Remind them how they are super strong and the doc is only there to help them fight the bad guys.

7. What If The Ghost Comes For Me?

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Be very careful when your child is talking about fear or anxiety. Hear them out. Maybe, tell them how you were scared too when you were little. And, how your mom taught you a trick to make these monsters go away. Tell them a made-up magic spell and ask them to say it when they feel scared. Reassure them that the monsters will definitely go away this way. And, see the magic gradually unfold!

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