Quiz: Should You Have A(nother) Baby?

Quiz Should You Have A(nother) Baby

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Whenever we think of pregnancy, a picture perfect image comes to our head. We immediately think of the first time that we will get to hold our baby in our arms. Or the first time that he/she will reach out to us. Or the first words that our little one will speak. Or the first time that he/she will walk towards us. We remember a lot of firsts, but they are usually the dreamy ones. However, having a kid is more than all of this. Isn’t it?

In fact, pregnancy can be one of the most challenging phases that your body might get through. So, it is essential to ensure that your body is physically prepared to endure all that pregnancy brings along with it. You need to be in the best possible condition. And, even the soon-to-be dads need to gear up and work towards it. The quality of sperm is also determined by what the man might ingest – be it what he eats, drinks, or something else!

While wanting to have a baby is amazing, it is important to know if you are ready or not! Don’t worry. To help you with making this BIG decision, we, at MomJunction, have brought you a questionnaire (to see whether you are physically ready for this huge plunge)!

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Less Than Four Correct Answers: Maybe you are not as ready as you thought you were. You still need to do a lot of homework before you start trying for a baby!

Four To Seven Correct Answers: You are almost ready. But, before you begin trying, you still need to brush up on a few basics. So, keep doing your research!

All Seven Correct Answers: You’ve got the green flag to get, set, and go! You are ready. Just keep doing your thing and you have nothing to worry about!

We hope that we were able to help. And, if the results were not what you expected, it is alright. You now know where you need to begin. What is important is that you know that you want a baby. All you have to do now is just work toward it! Good luck!