Raw And Powerful: This Video Is A Genuine Tribute To Motherhood

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There’s just something about birthing videos…

The bumbling support of a fish-out-of-water man as he gazes anxiously with a strange mix of wonder, guilt, panic, and sheer love of the soon-to-be mother of his child…

A woman’s brave struggle as she endures unimaginable pain in her quest to bring fruit to an endeavor she believes is worth all her agony (or at least she will claim to feel so a day or two later)…

The nervous chattering and hustling of relatives in the waiting room…

Parents tensely praying then sporadically breaking off their pleas to the divine fates, as they reminisce in awe of that time, not so long ago, when their parents were waiting in these very seats, while they struggled to welcome the children who will no longer be children today…

And then finally, after hours that feel like months and maybe even years of pain, patience, and endurance – a fierce, piercing cry breaks out – a new life is born.

And suddenly as you cradle this familiar stranger to your breast, in a moment so sacred and palpable, that it is etched into the memory of your very soul – you fall head over heels into pure, unadulterated love at first sight.

There’s just something about birthing videos.

And the one we’re about to show you, ladies and gentleman, is all of this and yet so much more.

A Video So Very Divine It Will Make Your Day

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A New Zealand woman, who decided to share her birthing video online on Facebook, is being commended globally for what the Internet denizens have deemed a “beautiful” montage of her experience. The video, which happened to be filmed by her brother-in-law, showcases the arrival of her precious daughter, Nova, into this world.

The new mommy from Christchurch, Ngaroma Crown, had requested her hubby’s brother, Matt, to film her momentous D-Day as a keepsake. However, Matt decided to go the extra mile and produce a truly soul stirring video that captured the raw emotions of Ngaroma’s labor. In an online post, Ngaroma states:

“I really wasn’t sure if I wanted this personal and not so glamorous video of myself to be viewed by my friends on Facebook. But after watching this video a few million times, I have a huge respect and appreciation for our bodies as women through pregnancy and labour, and I feel so proud of my body and what it went through and proud of my strong baby and all she had to encounter to come into this world. So I decided I would share this special moment with everyone.”

Little could have anyone guessed that this new mommy’s inspiring video with its sheer preciousness would take the Internet by storm. Shared by her friends, as well as the friends of her friends, the video has been viewed a whopping 435,000 times and has been shared with more than 5 thousand people, folks!

A Memento Of A Mother’s Love

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Ngaroma narrates that her labor was a particularly tough one that lasted almost a day and the pushing during the last two hours were especially intense. However, the arrival of her gorgeous baby girl, Nova, who weighed close to 9 pounds (wow), made it worth everything! So go ahead witness this miracle with your very own eyes:

Credits: Ngaroma Crown [Facebook]

Ngaroma had this heart-warming message for her daughter at the end of her Facebook post:

“Even though this day was quite a blur to me (thankfully), the moment you were laid on my chest I will never forget. I felt my heart overflow, like how could I love someone this much. If there were anything I ever did right in this world, it would be you. Nova, you are my biggest & greatest blessing. My heart has never felt so complete #BabyNova.”

This just made our day, and we hope it made you smile as well. Spread the love peeps!