5 Reasons Exercising Is Good For Your Baby

Reasons Exercising Is Good For Your Baby

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You know how good exercise is for health. But, it’s even more so in the case of infants. As incredible as it may sound, recent studies linked more physical activity to improved cognitive functioning in babies, even later in their lives.

Unsurprisingly, moving around and kicking out, or trying to stand up are the only forms of exercise that babies need. So much for those of us who were dreaming of baby gyms, and protein shake-bottle feeds, eh? Experts corroborate the claim that exercise is not only safe, but also beneficial for infants, and maintain that infants are typically in the stage of self-discovery, and they learn more about their bodies with time.

As your little one grows up, you need to allow her maximum space to move and not be restricted by baby equipment, strollers, walkers, etc. Limit their use of strollers, as they inhibit mobility. Give your child room to move freely. As she begins to grow up, her play area should also increase.

But, for now, play is the only real form of exercise your newborn needs. And, baby training has several long-term and immediate benefits.

1. Prevents Obesity:

We all know how physical activity can help you become fit, and burn excess fat. Experts opine that free play prevents obesity in babies, even when they grow up.

2. Improves Cognitive Function:

Okay, we admit that we’ve mentioned this one before. Every week, new studies talk about the link between better exercise regimens and better achievements, attention spans, and test scores in toddlers. So, allowing the baby time for free play helps prepare her for life in the future.

3. Promotes Sleep And Digestion:

This one’s rather obvious. If your child spends her day scooting around in his play area or has time to move her limbs, she will sleep better than most days as she will be more tired. Free play also promotes better digestion, and the benefits continue as your little one grows up.

4. Instills Independence:

Babies are dependent on us for every little aspect. However, free play is the only time when a baby honestly explores independence and has many opportunities to test her abilities without any assistance. It has been found that infants who have opportunities to explore their environment unencumbered, fare better in real-life situations. Don’t you want your little one to grow up to be an independent individual?

5. Improves Infant Safety:

Well, this one may seem at odds with many aspects. How can letting a baby explore her area independently improve her safety? Well, the answer is rather simple. Remember how experts said that babies are in a state of self-discovery? The same state helps the infant understand her limits and how her limbs will respond. This knowledge makes it less likely that such babies will have serious accidents.

So, this is why you should encourage your little one to move around, and afford her time for free play. Babyproof the house if you need to, but get your little bundle of joy to get around as much as she can.

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