6 Reasons To Call The Doctor During Pregnancy

6 Reasons To Call The Doctor During Pregnancy

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Some women are able to sail through the entire pregnancy without having any anxious moments whatsoever. Fortunately, most of these expecting moms have a normal pregnancy and give birth to healthy babies. While soon-to-be moms who suffer from special medical conditions or have had previous preterm labor need to be cautious, most moms-to-be can sit back and let everything unfold naturally.

But, have you ever wondered about how you will know when is the right time to reach out to a medical professional? Here, we will talk about the concerns that are pretty common among all expecting moms, and whether or not you really need to worry about them. But, do keep in mind that these are only a few basic guidelines. If you do feel worried and want to consult your doctor, do so without any hesitation. So, here are the conditions that surely calls for you to reach out to your doc:

1. Vaginal Bleeding

Vaginal Bleeding

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Nearly 20 percent of women can bleed during the initial twelve weeks of pregnancy. It is quite common for women to experience bleeding during the first trimester and rarely is it a cause for you to feel alarmed. But, if the bleeding is persistent and severe, and is accompanied with unusual cramping, it can be an indication of something more serious. So, it is important that you get this checked out by a health professional so as to ensure that both you and your little one are keeping healthy (1)(2).

2. Intense Headache

Intense Headache

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Do you have a headache that you are just not able to shake off? If you notice a severe and persistent headache, you should reach out to your doctor. Furthermore, if it is accompanied by symptoms such as dizziness and fainting, do so right away (3). Just find the nearest comfortable place where you can sit and ask someone to accompany you as you make that necessary phone call to your health specialist.

3. Difficulty In Urination

Difficulty In Urination

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Although frequent loo visits is a common cause of concern among all expecting moms, difficulty in urination is not. So, if you feel a burning sensation, pain, or face trouble while emptying your bladder, it might be a sign of something more serious (4). This symptom might indicate a bladder infection, which can be quite a nuisance for women during pregnancy. So, ensure that you call your doctor immediately to avoid any future complications.

4. Pain In The Pelvic Area

Pain In The Pelvic Area

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Many women do experience some amount of pressure in the pelvic region during pregnancy. But, it can be concerning if you notice that the pressure is so severe that it is causing persistent pain there. This intense pressure can also be an indication of preterm labor (5). So, if you can feel this pain even while resting or drinking water, do give a call to your doctor.

5. Persistent Vomiting

Persistent Vomiting

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Have you lately been experiencing nausea that appears to be something more than just the regular morning sickness? Incessant and severe vomiting coupled with fever requires an immediate call to the doctor (6). It might be a more serious type of morning sickness for which the doctors may prescribe some medicines. And, taking these meds will surely provide some relief. Although severe nausea might not harm your little one in any way, the inability to ingest any food is an issue that your doc can easily help you battle.

6. Bleeding From Nipples

Bleeding From Nipples

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Another common symptom during pregnancy is soreness and tenderness of breasts. While this is quite common for expecting moms, cracked or bleeding nipples is not (7). So, if you come across such a symptom, be sure to rush to your doctor immediately.

Don’t let this get you all worked up. If you notice something out of routine, keep calm and give your doctor a call. There isn’t anything that you can’t handle. So, be strong. Good luck, ladies!

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