Top 5 Reasons To Get Pregnant In Summer

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Are you an expecting mother? Did you get pregnant this summer? Did you know that getting pregnant in the summer can have many benefits? Intrigued! Read our post and learn all about summer pregnancy.

Here, we talk about the reasons to get pregnant in the summer. Though there are risks that your body might overheat. But with certain survival tips, you can enjoy your summer pregnancy.

Reasons To Get Pregnant In Summer:

Here are the top reasons to get pregnant during summer:

1. Great Time For Outdoor Exercises:

Summer is a favorable climate to practice beneficial outdoor exercises. Swimming and walking are some of the safest exercising regimes for expectant mommies. Both are low-impact workout routine and have amazing cardiac benefits.

Walking is one of the simplest forms of exercise you can practice during any stage of pregnancy. You can also include swimming, which is safe up to a certain stage of pregnancy. Practicing such effective outdoor exercises in the early morning can help keep you fit and prepare your body for labor.

Swimming provides adequate relief from pregnancy swellings and intense body pain. The muscles become for flexible, and delivery becomes easier for the mother.

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2. More Sunshine Means More Vitamin D:

It is not safer to go out in the scorching heat of the sun rays. But a moderate amount of sun rays enhances production of Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency can elevate the risk of several health diseases like bacterial vaginosis, preeclampsia, and gestational diabetes. You can get a moderate quantity of Vitamin D from dietary sources like fortified milk or fatty fish. But moderate sun rays can cause no harm to your pregnancy.

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3. Abundant Quantity Of Fresh Fruits And Vegetables:

During the summer season, you can find an abundant quantity of fresh fruits and vegetables available in the market. The essential nutrients and minerals in such food are great for both the mom and her baby. With warmer weather, the woman may have an urge to eat raw fruits and fresh salads. These food elements can help in the proper growth of the fetus.

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4. Comfortable Maternal Clothing:

So what to wear during pregnancy in summer? In the humid season, the mother can choose comfortable maternal clothing. She may have numerous wardrobe options like summer dresses, tank tops, or short skirts. All the summer wear dresses are comfortable wardrobe option for the expectant moms. They may help to keep your body cool and look great, stylish.

5. Baby Is Less Prone To Suffer Respiratory Infections:

Respiratory syncytial virus or RSV is a highly contagious virus, which triggers the condition of respiratory tract infection in newborn babies. Babies born in the warmer months are less prone to attack by these harmful virus species.

Tips To Stay Cool And Hydrated During Your Summer Pregnancy:

Expectant mommies are more susceptible to the problem of hyperthermia or overheating. The condition can elevate your body temperature. It can lead to dehydration and lead to loss of blood supply to the growing fetus.

To stay cool and hydrated during your summer pregnancy, follow these simple tips:

  1. Drink plenty of water and fluid, including water or fruit juices. You should aim to drink almost 64 ounces of water every day.
  1. If you are going out for walks or practicing, outdoor exercises chose early morning timings. Avoid going outdoors during the day.
  1. If the heat becomes unbearable, take multiple showers throughout the day.
  1. Eat smaller quantities of meals and give adequate time for digestion. Smaller meals can regulate the metabolism and maintain the body temperature. (1)

Was your baby born in the summer season? How did you cope with the temperature? Tell us your story below.

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