9 Reasons To Love And Embrace Your Stretch

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“For every woman unhappy with her stretch marks, there is another who wishes she had them.”

Stretch marks are a beautiful reminder of the journey a woman has undertaken. They are the result of natural changes that a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy. They don’t have to be shunned or loathed! They are a symbol of a lot many firsts and happiness that are to come your way. Some are mentioned below.

1. Indication of survival

A woman goes through several changes in her lifetime starting from puberty to menopause. Whatever the change, her body adapts and endures it, and her stretch marks are one of the many proofs of that.

2. Reminder of a woman’s strength

Surviving change is bound to make you strong. A woman’s threshold for pain is definitely higher, and if she can survive childbirth, it means she has the strength to withstand anything. Stretch marks are an indicator of the woman’s strength.

3. A perfect misfit to the picture perfect

Beauty is skin deep! Don’t strive too hard to fit into that picture perfect or ideal image. In fact, the real beauty comes from within. Accept yourself the way you are, instead of faking or hiding your flaws. Stretch marks are a part of your life so just be yourself in your skin. Moreover, you don’t want to rely on a flawless skin to gain confidence. Confidence comes from inner strength.

4. Never alone

It feels good to know that you are never alone. Almost everyone has stretch marks, which are a simple result of the skin stretching. So, at some point in everyone’s life, the skin is bound to stretch due to changes in height, weight, and shape. Don’t single yourself out to the problem.

5. Moving past them is ever easy

Once you have your precious little one in your arms, you wouldn’t care about anything in the world, especially about your stretch marks. As time passes, you will forget that you ever have stretch marks.

6. Getting rid may not be easy

In case you spent enough shells on those miracle creams and serums that promised mark-free skin, let me tell you, “You’ve just been duped!” The fact is that you might not be able to get rid of those stretch marks entirely. At the most, they would just lighten the marks and make your skin smooth. The chances are pretty bleak, so why waste your money?

7. Weave a story

Weave a story around those stretch marks to narrate it to your kids, especially if you have girls. They will admire you and perhaps get inspired from your story and probably pass on the legacy of stretch-mark stories.

8. They can be random

You can have random stretch marks. Pregnancy or gaining pounds need not necessarily be the cause of stretch marks (1). So make peace and be happy with them.

9. Embrace your body

Make a conscious effort to be comfortable in your skin, whether it’s stretch marks or any other scar – it reveals your courage and strength while you flaunt that stripe with grace.

Stretch marks remind us that we are not perfect, and it’s okay to be okay with them. Loving yourself can be a tough job, but what fault is it of the stretch marks? Love and respect them instead of hating the marks. As stretch marks are a beautiful sign of motherhood, live the moments, instead of getting bogged down by something as trivial. Throw all your fantasies of flawless skin in the bin and beam with pride for who you are.

Do let us know what you think of your stretch marks by commenting below.

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