5 Reasons Why Babies Get Stuck During Labour

Image: Shutterstock

While you are in labour and trying for a vaginal birth, your OBGYN may suggest, midway to, go for the C-section if she feels that your baby is stuck.

If your water is broken, your cervix is adequately dilated and you have put all your strength in pushing and still unable to help your baby come into this world, your baby is probably not able to navigate their way out of your pelvis. So why is your baby stuck then? Here are five reasons why your baby might be stuck.

1. Your baby’s position

During the later stage of your pregnancy (your last trimester), your baby automatically gets into a favorable position for birth, which is known as the occiput anterior position. In this position, your baby’s head is towards the cervix so that it can be easily pushed through. However, if your little one’s head is in the opposite direction, this may be a cause of concern. So if your baby happens to be in the breech position, you may require a C-section to give birth to him/her.

2. Your position

The position you choose to be in during labor is as important as the position your baby is in at this moment. If you are in the right position, it’ll be easier for your baby to align in level with your cervix and lead to a hassle-free normal delivery. Favorable positions include standing upright, squatting or being on your hands and knees. On the other hand, unfavorable positions that can cause your baby to get stuck include lying on your back or sitting on your tailbone.

3. Use of epidural

Epidural is a type of anesthetic that is given to mothers during childbirth so that they become insensitive to labour pain. While it can provide pain relief, an epidural can give rise to several side effects, including instrumental delivery, high risk of augmentation, perineum tearing and even a change in the natural position of the baby. If you’re given epidural during labour, you may be unable to get into the position for childbirth, which would consequently affect the position of the baby, causing them to get stuck.

4. Shoulder dystocia and large baby

Reason #4 why your baby might get stuck during childbirth is simply because they maybe too large in size, which is medically known as macrosomia. The biggest problem while trying to give birth to a big baby the natural way is that during delivery the baby’s shoulders can get stuck in the mother’s pelvis, thus giving rise to what is known as shoulder dystocia. In such a circumstance, going through a C-section is a must. However, such a situation is extremely rare.

5. Problematic pelvis

In certain cases, your pelvis may not be of the right size or shape. Normally, most women have a pelvis that is just the right shape and size for a vaginal birth, but some women are not quite blessed in this regard. This means that if you opt for a vaginal birth, the process of getting your child through your pelvis could be slow but not impossible. However, if your pelvis is so small that your baby gets stuck, then you may be suffering from a very rare condition known as cephalopelvic disproportion (CPD). A C-sec will be your only option in this case.

Do not despair about your baby being stuck. There are certain things such as changing your body position, taking pregnancy yoga classes and even getting a cephalic version done, for your baby to be in the right position.