6 Reasons You Can’t Sleep When Pregnant (And What To Do About Them)

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If you find yourself reading this at four in the morning, you may already have an inkling as to what we are going to talk about. There are chances that you are into your third trimester. And, you are finding it extremely difficult to get a full night’s sleep. It does not come as a surprise given the numerous physical transformations that your body goes through during pregnancy. But, don’t worry, we are here to help you in the way we know best. Here, we bring you some of the reasons why you may be finding it tough to doze off and what you can do to improve your situation:

1. You Need To Urinate Frequently

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Unfortunately, frequent urination goes hand in hand with pregnancy. During this phase, your baby almost uses your bladder like a cushion. But, you can do something to minimize the bathroom visits during the night. Just drink more water through the day and reduce the intake by the night. But, that doesn’t mean you can compromise on the amount of water you drink. You still need to have plenty of water, but just more during the day as compared to the night.

Also, try to find ways in which you can smoothly go back to sleep once awake since the constant waking up can prevent you from getting restorative sleep. For example, you can use dim lights in the bathroom instead of bright ones since the latter can make you feel ‘too awake’.

2. You Nap Later In The Day

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We totally understand that you can feel pretty exhausted during pregnancy and may feel like taking short naps through the day. But, if you are planning to take a nap, try doing do so before three in the afternoon. Having an early nap will interfere relatively less with your sleep during the night. And, to prevent the morose feeling you can get after a nap, try to keep it as short as 20 minutes.

3. Heartburn Is The Problem

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Heartburn and indigestion can be a common affair during pregnancy. But, you can try and prevent this by not eating for two hours before bedtime. And, also steer away from anything spicy. You can also consult your doctor for the medications that you can take to prevent indigestion. You may even try to sleep in a manner such that your stomach acid stays in the right place.

4. You Find It Difficult To Get Comfy

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Don’t know how to settle down once you climb into bed? It’s understandable; it may be simply due to your big belly coming in the way of comfortable sleep. But, if you are feeling this discomfort too often, you can always have a chat with your doctor regarding the same. He/she will surely know how to help you.

5. Snoring Woes

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The weight you gain during the pregnancy along with the swelling of nasal passages may just turn you into one giant snorer (pun intended!). And, if your own snoring is responsible for keeping you awake, you may want to try those simple nasal strips. These strips can help in opening up your nasal passages, thus, improving the air flow. But again, do check with your doc about the nasal strips.

6. Too Much Stress And Anxiety

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There are millions of things that you may be worrying about, be it the pre-delivery preparation or the upcoming demands of motherhood. However, try not to overthink about this. Instead, you can always read your favorite book or go for a warm bath. This will distract you until you are too tired. Thus, causing you to sleep automatically.

Do you have any other tips that can help out all the fellow moms out there? If yes, please share with us in the comments section below! Good luck, mommies!

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