Is Your Child Losing Focus In School? This May Be The Reason Why

Is Your Child Losing Focus In School This May Be The Reason Why

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Has your child been dull and listless in class? Have you been receiving complaints about him/her being distracted in school? Yes, it can be pretty disheartening for the parents to hear any kind of complaint, but this particular complaint demands the attention of parents more than anything else. Why? Because it signals that the environment of the classroom and the teaching practices practiced by the teachers are not able to engage the child, which is why he/she gets distracted.

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And if anyone has to be blamed for this, it has to be the system of rote learning that follows the principle of learning based upon repetition of facts and information, rather than creative engagement with the subject. Repetition of facts does help the children memorize, but it only helps them learn what happens, and not why it happens. The system of rote learning does nothing to cultivate an interest in the subject. And this leads to a dull and uninspiring learning process.

One of the key responsibilities of a parent is to ensure that they prepare their children for the future, and that means helping them develop and hone skills that would be utilized and recognized in future. However, if we continue to depend on the system of rote learning, we wouldn’t be able to so, because this system doesn’t encourage the development of skills such as critical thinking, creative problem solving, which are going to be in great demand in the coming years.

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Recognizing this gap, Dell India has come up with a unique initiative, Dell Aarambh, that focuses on creating an engaging and dynamic learning environment in schools by encouraging the use of personal computers for education. Dispelling the notion that technology is disruptive for learning, it strives to create a unique learning environment which engages students in an interactive manner. It encourages them to use their analytical skills to understand concepts and implement them to come up with solutions for real-world problems. Quite different from the age-old practice of learning by listening, instead it encourages learning by doing, if only digitally!

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By encouraging computer use in schools, we can also break away from the traditional, hierarchical model of learning where the teacher talks and the student listens. Instead, PC use in school would create a much more dynamic model of learning where both the students and the teachers can learn something new together every day!

The benefits of computer use in education are manifold. For parents who seek a holistic education for their kids, computers can be just the tools they need in their arsenal. You too can be a part of this digital revolution by making computers a part of your child’s education and celebrate Dell Anti Rote Day. To know how you can do that and to learn more about this initiative, click on this link.

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