6 Relationship Goals That Actually Matter

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The end of the year in nearing and it inspires us to set some goals. No! Not the resolution goals, but some relationship goals which we failed to accomplish this year. Some things in the New Year can be initiated with the one we would be spending our life with. A sheer reflection on our relationship will determine if it would be smooth or sturdy. But let’s strive to set six crisp relationship goals that actually matter and will be heartily followed by in 2017!

1. Listen

Scrolling through your smartphones and murmuring a “hmmm” after everything your spouse says is not what I mean by listening. It just means being ‘all ears’ and understanding what your partner is trying to convey. He/she needs your attention at every bit as they rely on you. Now it’s your chance to instigate this faith that you are there for them to listen, understand, and be with them.
This little attention out of your busy schedule will lighten up your spouse’s day and leave a smile on your face too.

2. Be The Best Friends

I completely understand that there is always a need to have a romantic chemistry in the relationship, but it should not be the only thing that binds you. Being friends is also an important aspect and should be a major relationship goal. This should free you of all ties and give you the freedom to be yourself with your partner as a friend, minus the compulsive relationship tag. The friend will always understand you first, rather than being judgemental all the time and this would improve the relationship.

3. Be the Change

Your partner might have been upset all year long to change your habits into wanting to spend time together, going on long drives, etc. This New Year, you be the change. Small transformations in expressing you love such as long walks and drives, surprise dates, and movies, or doing nothing and just staying back at home and flirting with your better half can rejuvenate the slumber they were in till now and love you even more. It takes almost nothing to bring tiny differences for a long lasting effect in the relationship.

4. Let the Little Fights Live!

Being very cheesy and sweet also leads to frustration at both the ends sometimes, and concludes being fishy. Avoid that completely. Speak up your mind politely when angry but not just to spike up a fight or argument, but to keep your point in a situation. Never be loud or throw gestures at your partner. Remember that you are in a relationship with them and are not in a war. Who wins doesn’t matter as long as the argument settles down!

5. Grow Together

If you are having the time of your life with your partner, also because he makes you feel more like a friend, then start living each day. You could share all the responsibilities and fun. Take an equal share in grooming your kids or just have a nice walk down to the grocery store. This wouldn’t just help you do chores it would also give you some important me time together.

6. Keep That Spark Ignited

No matter how old you grow, the ultimate goal is to let the love never fade away in your eternal bond. Love, live, give, demand, and do everything that you feel will make you relive the moments of your relationship. Being crazy with each other, acting silly and childish, being very authoritative and advising is all part and parcel of this beautiful journey.

Age is just a number, and this is what that keeps love live! Go on and set some New Year resolutions for your soul mate too.

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