MamaEarth Baby Care Essentials Kit: Here’s My Review!

Did you know MamaEarth is the only MadeSafe certified toxin-free baby product brand in Asia?

Choosing appropriate body care products for a baby is as important as choosing food for them. At least, I feel so because my baby’s delicate skin simply rejected most of the soaps and lotions.

After experimenting with many products which I always tested on myself, I finally got the right skin care products that work great for her. I chanced upon this MamaEarth Baby Care Essentials Combo, and without any hesitation, I have ordered it online.

Why am I writing a review on MamaEarth baby care products? Their safety has prompted me to write one. The brand claims the products to be 100% toxin free. And the products hold a certification from MadeSafe organization, which certifies toxin-free products. This has assured me that I have made the right choice.

MamaEarth Baby Care Hamper Review:

The product kit contains six products all housed in a colorful zipper bag. The package contains cute animal prints that would attract babies. The bottles are also sturdily packed with a tight cap. Their spill-proof packaging means I can carry them without hassles while traveling.

The kit includes:

Natural cleanser body wash (one unit, 200ml): The no-tear body wash cleanses your baby’s skin from head to toe, keeping it soft and smooth. My baby never had any irritation with this product.

Baby lotion with natural nourishment (one unit, 200ml): It has a thin consistency, which does not leave the baby’s skin sticky. I have noticed my baby’s skin stays hydrated for a longer time.

Mosquito repellent natural spray (one unit, 100ml): I was never keen on taking my baby out for a stroll for the fear of insects. But now I apply MamaEarth’s insect repellent and take the baby out for play. The aroma would just keep all those bugs and flies away. Moreover, I need not worry about its effect on the skin, as it is DEET-free.

Baby sunscreen lotion with mineral protection (one unit, 100ml): Sunburns? Apply the sunscreen lotion. As we could already feel the summer heat, I started using the lotion, which gets quickly into her skin. I did not find any residue after application.

Natural baby massage oil (one unit, 100ml): Massaging your baby gives you a good chance to bond with her. With MamaEarth massage oil, I massage my baby every day, without the fear of sending in some toxins down her skin.

Diaper rash cream (one unit, 50ml): It is the best solution for your baby’s diaper rash and itchy skin. In fact, it helped my little one.

I loved all the six products as they are gentle and soothing. They are free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, dyes and synthetic fragrance, which is usually found in many other baby products. These products are enriched with natural ingredients such as shea butter, olive oil, citronella oil, jojoba oil and more.

Moreover, the fact that the skincare brand belongs to India makes me feel proud. The natural oils, subtle fragrance, and toxin-free compositions, make MamaEarth products stand out in the market.

The interesting thing is you can now get it for just Rs. 1,799 that is a 25% off on the actual price, and comes with free shipping. I would recommend you to buy this combo pack and try on your little one.