5 Romantic Gestures Every Wife Needs To Do For Her Husband

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These days everyone is busy with their lives and so are you. We understand that. But there is hardly any fun in making your life a mundane and monotonous one, right?

So how do you add some sugar and spice to your life? Well, there can’t be a better way to make your life exciting than to amaze your husband with some pleasant yet unexpected gestures of love, thereby rekindling the passion and warmth between the two of you.

Think about it. You do crave for surprises and affection from your partner, don’t you? In the same way, the husbands also enjoy and appreciate these little tokens of love and intimacy. It is guaranteed to put a big smile on their faces, even if they are shy and introverted.

So what are you waiting for? Here we give you five cool ways to surprise your husband and bring on some really romantic twists to your love life.

1. Send Him Love Notes

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Love notes are sweet, simple and super effective. And they can convey so much- from a small and direct ‘love you,’ to something more special that resonates with your personal tastes as a twosome. For example, you could leave a note stating the details for a surprise dinner at your favourite restaurant, or get tickets for a concert/show that you both had been planning to attend, in his diary. Surprising your husband now and then keeps the spark of your love alive and it assures him that you still care for him.

2. Be Attentive

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These days we are so glued to social media and networking sites that real conversations are a rarity. So, when your husband shares his day spent at the office or feels excited about something, do give him your full attention. Such interactions help you to connect with your husband and understand him better. Your time and attention are the most valuable gifts you could ever give him.

3. Make That Call

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We know that you remain very busy at your workplace but making a little call to say a quick hello or to inquire if he had his lunch will give you both a little break from your hectic schedule. If you think you are too busy to talk, do drop a little message stating you miss him or that you are planning to make his favourite dinner. Trust us; it will put a big smile on his face.

4. Get A Little Naughty

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It is a great idea to turn a bit naughty and make your husband go red with those blushes. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a little flirting and teasing? Whether giving him a little peck on the cheek, sending him to office with some enticing hints of a great evening or that little wink while having a family dinner – such gestures of love and affection are sure to make your husband go asking for more. And it is also a great way to add zest to your life as well.

5. Hubby’s Day Out

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There is no denying the fact that you do a lot for your other half. But plan a day that is committed only to him. Make his favourite breakfast, give him all the time to do what he enjoys – whether it’s catching up with his friends or watching his favourite movie. Plan a cosy dinner and some intimate moments of love to end the day. Nothing will make your husband happier than to enjoy such a burst of pampering. It will also make him realise how much you love him.

These were some small yet delightfully romantic ways of surprising your husband. Such acts of love, warmth, and tenderness go a long way to make your relationship grow stronger with each passing day. Plus, it also gives you the much-needed respite from the dullness of everyday life and reconnects you with your spouse.

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