Top 10 Romantic Movies You Can't Miss Watching

Want some indoor time with your partner? Then there is nothing better than watching something together. And if the romantic mood kicks in, well then, there are plenty of movies to fuel that mood of yours. Imagine sitting hand in hand with your partner on the couch with your favorite snack, and playing the movie that just seems to fill you up with joy! If you like the scene in your mind and are waiting to find a list of top 10 romantic movies to watch, then we’ve got that covered for you!

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10. Pride And Prejudice

I really didn’t like the book when I had it as part of my literature back in college. But when I saw the movie I simply loved it.

There can’t be anything more romantic than Mr. Darcy pursuing his love Elizabeth relentlessly. Elizabeth cares a damn for him initially, but she later falls head over heels for him. I guess that’s the way to decide on whom you want to marry. After careful, objective evaluation of the person, and not because they are handsome or rich.

Jane Austen portrays that true love takes time and just works its charm in the end.

9. A Walk To Remember

This is a sweet love story of two teenagers – it’s sincere and affirming.

Landon Carter is a notorious guy and playboy who has dated a girl or two. Jamie is the reverend’s daughter, simple, quiet girl, content with her lifestyle that’s apart from other teenagers. Landon is assigned with community service after getting into trouble. His punishment involves participating in a play, and as fate would have it, he falls for Jamie. Surprisingly, she is the last person Landon would have thought to fall in love with. Landon’s life is never the same after. He realizes the value of relationships and love while he spends time with Jamie and that leads him to take mature decisions in life.

After seeing all vulgarities typical in teenage movies, this one’s refreshing.

8. Sleepless In Seattle

Sam (Tom Hanks) is an architect who moves to Seattle after his wife’s death. Worried about his depressed dad, his eight-year-old son Jonah calls a radio talk show with the hope of finding him a partner. He forces him to express his feelings on-air, and his story makes every woman want to hug him, including the journalist Annie (Meg Ryan) who falls in love with him. The chemistry between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan is just right. You want to root for them towards the end of the movie.

7. An Affair To Remember

This heartbreaking story is about a couple who meet on a cruise from Europe to New York. On their way back Nicky Ferrante (Cary Grant) and TerryMckay (Deborah Kerr) fall in love with each other and decide to meet again despite being engaged already.

Nicky is a playboy and Terry is a professional singer. They meet, chat, and flirt while on the cruise. The unexpected meeting becomes something else, and by the time they reach New York they are deeply and madly in love. They decide to marry if they continue to be in love for the next six months in spite of not seeing each other. That’s when the unexpected happens! Terry meets with an accident, and wouldn’t want Nicky to know about it. After six months, he goes in search of her and finds that her legs are not working. Though he finds it ridiculous why she wouldn’t tell him about it, nevertheless their affection for each other doesn’t die.

6. Ever After

As you can guess from the title, “It’s a happily ever after” kind of movie. Danielle (Drew Barrymore) plays the Cinderella character. She is ill-treated by her step mother and step sisters. But, everything changes when one day she meets Prince Henry (Dougray Scott) who is looking out for a matrimonial alliance, and the two decide to be there for each other.

This movie brings the romance of the story to life and touches the heart. Drew Barrymore is at her best in comedy and romance, and so is Dougray Scott as a thinker and fighter. And of course, they lived happily ever after!

5. One Fine Day

Melanie Parker (Michelle Pfeiffer) and Jack Taylor (George Clooney) are divorcees. They meet one fine day when their kids miss their school field trip. Both the parents vent out their stereotypes about their exes, but agree to depend on each other to babysit their children. And then love emerges between the two.

4. Titanic

Romance, love, and tragedy – it is all encapsulated in this movie. Rose (Kate Winslet) belongs to a royal family and is engaged, and Jack Dawson (Leonardo Dicaprio) is an artist. Both of them are aboard the massive Titanic. They madly fall in love with each other, but as fate would have it, the ship sinks. Jack sacrifices his life for Rose’s and she continues to love him in her heart!

3. Notting Hill

When you see Julia Roberts – the queen of romance on screen – you expect a lot of romance. But, the romance in this flick sets in gradually. Anna (Julia Roberts) is a famous movie star, and William (Hugh Grant) runs a bookstore. They run into each other on the streets of London, and that leads to an affair. When Anna wants to escape paparazzi, she turns to William for help. Though they belong to two entirely different worlds but they are destined for each other.

2. P.S. I Love You

Your heart will go out for Holly Kennedy (Hillary Swank) in this flick. Holly is a smart, beautiful woman married to her love Gerry (Gerard Butler). Gerry’s death due to an illness comes as a shock to Holly leaving her devastated. But Gerry plans it all in advance. Before he dies, Gerry writes a series of letters to Holly. These letters help her grieve and rediscover herself. He guides her, surprises her, and sends her on new adventures through his messages, each letter signing off as P.S. I Love You.

She derives strength and hope from the messages. As time passes, she learns to look forward to the future and not let the sadness of the past hold her back. With Gerry’s guidance at every step, Holly sets foot on an exciting journey of rediscovering herself. This movie gives a message about how strong love can transform the eventuality of death into a new beginning.

1. The Notebook

This romantic flick is sure to leave you in tears. It’s a typical love story of a poor boy Allie Nelson (Ryan Gosling), falling in love with a rich girl Noah Calhoun (Rachel McAdams). Her parents try to separate them but they meet again, and she is left to decide what she wants. She comes back to him. The young couple grows old together, but unfortunately Noah is taken over by Alzheimer’s. This, however, does not deter Allie’s love for her. He reads to her every day from a notebook that narrates how they met and fell in love and overcame all obstacles to succeed in their love. The parallel story of the older couple played by James Garner and Gena Rowland is what makes the movie click.

So, as your heart melted already? Well, then tell us if you liked our list or if you’d like to add more suggestions here! Stay in love!

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