7 Sacrifices You Made For Me, Mom

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The word Mom may not be a synonym for sacrifice, but it rings true. Moms and sacrifices go hand in hand. Most of us have seen our mom make countless sacrifices for us. While we took it for granted when we were children, growing up, we realized exactly how much those sacrifices meant to us.

There is nothing purer than a mother-child relationship. The kind of rapport and comfort you share with your mother is unrivaled, and most people would agree. While buying a happy mother’s day greeting card or making one is something that is no longer tedious, this time I thought I would write to her. Write to her on how I can now appreciate the sacrifices she has made for me.

1. Forgoing sleep:

How I would have woken up at ungodly hours wailing away to glory. And, as tiring and irritating as it was to put me to sleep again, mom made sure that I was back on the train to dozeyland, even if it meant staying up to calm me for more than an hour.

2. Putting me first:

Again, this is something that we don’t realize until much later in our life. But, this beautiful and strong lady has always loved to put me and my siblings before anything else in her life, whether it meant staying back when we had colic when her friends were out shopping.

3. For the lovely food:

There are hardly any people who haven’t tasted that lovely home cooked food that mom cooks. I still remember boasting about that splendid cheese cake she would bake, and my friends agree that my boasting wasn’t out of order. So, thank you, mom, for the delicious food.

4. For putting us to bed:

We’ve all lived through that phase of being scared by everything and not being able to sleep at night. I remember when I was seven, I would crawl into the bed with mom, who’d never once show any signs of irritation or indeed tiredness and wrap her arms around me. I miss being that small so that I could do that again.

5. For making me better when I was ill:

My mother’s a doctor. So, the oath she took ensured that she’d keep me, or anyone else in good health. However, I am sure that even if you hadn’t studied medicine, you’d still do everything you could to keep me safe from diseases. That mom-made chicken soup, as bland as it was, is something that I am eternally grateful for.

6. For taking out time for me:

My mom is a doctor, and she had her patients to attend to. But, kudos to her for not making me feel like she didn’t have time for me. You made time when you could have easily avoided doing that. Seeing how much you love treating the sick, I know that this was a sacrifice you made with your conscience. All this for lil ol’ me. Awww! Hugs.

7. For being the best mom ever:

You’ve probably heard this one mom. But, I, like many others, feel the need to mention this over and over again. You’ve been the rock in my life, helped me through the best and the worst times.

Am sure most of you would have nodded reading these. So, what is your style of thanking your mother this Mother’s Day?

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