5 Beauty Treatments That Are Safe During Pregnancy

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The moment you know you are pregnant, you become extra cautious about your health and diet. Quite understandable as you’ll be concerned about the safety and well-being of the little one growing inside you. And then, the barrage of dos and don’ts might often leave you confused too. Result: you may hold back on doing even the most simple things for yourself out of fear of hurting your baby. One such thing that you’ll refrain from is routine beauty treatments. The heightened sensitivity of your skin and pigmentation during this time (albeit temporary) and the fear of chemicals that might be harmful to the baby could well be the reasons behind it. But, does this mean that you should kiss goodbye to those few hours of self-love for a whole nine months? Not necessarily. Here are 5 beauty treatments you can still indulge yourself in for the most part of your pregnancy:

1. Fresh Fruit Facials

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By this, we mean actual fresh fruits! Most salons do offer fresh fruit facials. But be vigilant and ask enough questions about the products being used. Don’t fall for fruit facials which contain chemicals but are justified as fruit-based due to a few fruit extracts present in them. Because such products are anything but natural. The choice of fresh fruits for this kind of facial is often papayas, bananas, strawberries, etc., as they are considered nourishing for the skin. Again, if you have any reservations about getting papayas scrubbed on your face fearing you might swallow it, you can go with other alternatives.

2. Aromatic Facials And Massages

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Aromatic oils are extracted from fruits or vegetables as raw materials using the distillation or steam method. They are often used for massages and facials due to their antimicrobial and antioxidant properties which are beneficial to the skin (1). You can go for aromatic oil facials and choose ones which offer relaxation. Since back pains are common during pregnancy, you can also try aromatic oil back massages. But take them while being seated in a comfy chair instead of lying upside down on a massage bed. Also, request for the pressure to be mild.

3. Scalp Massage

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You may refrain from using hot water showers during pregnancy. But, you can certainly go for warm oil massages for your scalp. Due to the fluctuating hormone levels during pregnancy, you might often feel stressed or over the edge. A nice warm scalp massage can do wonders to lower your stress levels. Go for natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil, or almond oil.

4. Manicure

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While you may be taking care of your skin and hair, the nails often get neglected. During pregnancy, some women might experience faster growth of their nails whereas others might notice their nails becoming brittle. Either way, getting a manicure will keep your hands and nails supple and neat (2). Often, hands get neglected because you are using them so often. To the point that some of us don’t even think of applying a good cream. So, go ahead and pamper your hands a little too – they deserve it after all.

5. Pedicure

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Most expectant mothers experience swelling and edema in their feet at some point. This is due to the extra fluid retention in the body during this time. A pedicure involves soaking your foot in warm water followed by trimming of your nails and a foot massage. All of these are good relaxing techniques for your overburdened feet. In fact, it is also believed that it can relieve the swelling quite a bit (3). However, you can ask the masseuse to apply low pressure while massaging your foot.

Now that you know these beauty treatments are safe, then what are you waiting for? Simply pack your stuff and head to the nearest salon. Or still better, call a beautician and get it done in the comfort of your home. You completely deserve this little pampering for yourself!

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