Safe Hair Removal During Pregnancy

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Who wouldn’t love the new glow and luxurious locks during pregnancy? While there may be dozens of unpleasant changes that come with being pregnant, you also get to experience a few good things during this period. Having a thick mane is a boon, but not so much when you get hair on every part of your body including your upper lips. Body hair is perfectly natural, and something that we all have. But if you’re not comfortable keeping it the way it is, there are several safe ways of hair removal that you can practice during pregnancy.

Different Ways Of Hair Removal During Pregnancy

Whether you wish to don a bikini or wear a dress, let’s take a look at the different options you have available to flaunt smooth hairless skin during pregnancy:

1. Waxing

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Waxing has long been an effective way to remove hair. Though it is a slightly more painful procedure than shaving, many women still swear by waxing for its long-lasting results. However, let it be known that pregnancy can make your skin more sensitive, and hence your skin may react differently to waxing (1). You can try using a soothing lotion or cream to avoid any stinging or burning sensation which you may experience otherwise.

If waxing has been your preferred method of hair removal, you may continue to do so even during pregnancy, but with the permission of your healthcare provider.

Safety tip: Make sure your beauty therapist is aware of your pregnancy. Also, make sure you go to a trusted salon with clean equipment and hygiene measures. Reusing the same wax is a big NO!

2. Shaving

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Shaving is considered the cheapest and perhaps the easiest way to remove hair. But with a full pregnancy belly, we are not so sure about it being easy. Truth be told, you may even find yourself struggling in the shower trying to shave your legs, let alone your private parts. But on the plus side, you don’t have to book an appointment to flaunt hairless skin. If you’re struggling, indulge your partner in the process. Who would’ve thought shaving could be an exciting bonding experience for couples.

Safety tip: Use a brand new blade or shaving stick every time you shave. Also, never share your razor with anyone else.

3. Depilatories

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Hair removal creams are favored by many as it eliminates the risk of razor cuts and nicks caused by shaving. Depilatories contain active ingredients such as calcium thioglycolate and barium sulfide powder. Though there is no evidence about its harmful effects on pregnancy, the verdict is still out there on whether it is safe to use during pregnancy (2). You can try doing a patch test first to ensure that it doesn’t cause any allergic reaction on your skin.

Safety tip: If you are not a fan of its distinct odor, we recommend doing it in a well-ventilated room. Also, make sure you stick to the proper timing mentioned on the product.

4. Laser Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal may not be the most common way of hair removal, but it still continues to be widely popular, and we totally get why. Laser hair removal causes permanent damage to the hair follicles by targeting the dark pigment in the hair (3). We don’t have any concrete evidence about the safety of this procedure during pregnancy, hence it is wise to stay away from it during this time.

5. Electrolysis

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Similar to laser hair removal, there is no study about electrolysis being safe during pregnancy. Since we are unsure about the effect it can have on the fetus, health care providers generally recommend against electrolysis while pregnant (4).

Safety tip: If you are planning to go ahead with this mode of hair removal, make sure you get a letter from your doctor approving it during pregnancy. The breasts and abdomen should be avoided from electrolysis, especially during the last trimester of pregnancy.

If you’ve got excess hair on any part of your body, it’s best to wait until after delivery as they tend to fall off after pregnancy. Our advice is to hold off on permanent methods of hair removal and instead go for either waxing, shaving or depilatories.

Which is your preferred method of hair removal during pregnancy, and why? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.